Natalie Parker


  1. Possible Interview

    Hi there, I’m a student at USC and I’m currently doing research about the Forever Network and the people who decide to tell their life stories there. If you would be available sometime in the next week, and able to tell the story of how you became involved, that would be greatly appeiciated. Shoot me an email if you can. Thanks a lot.

    Jon Worley

  2. It's been a while

    Hey Nat,How the heck are you? Oh in case your wondering who this is it’s your old work mate Cindi. Was checking out this site and thought I’d say hi. Since the last time we spoke I have moved and I’m going to film school. How work Is Ilania still there. Will give you a call Hope all is well


  3. Very Lovely

    I wanted to take a moment and tell you how lovely this was. I have watched many of them, and your children are just so wonderful and real. You are very blessed to have them.
    If I was ever fortunate enough to find someone special and be blessed with children, I would pray they had love like yours do.
    Have a blessed day!

    Stephen Kinford

  4. Great Mom

    Natalie, Your a very lucky woman to have such sweet kids and to have such good memories to share. I


  5. Natalie

    Hey to all of Nats family.Just passing through and I saw her memorial.
    She looked so happy with her kids.
    Such a beautiful lady.
    Looks she had a great life.
    Goid Bless.


  6. Your Mother's Day video

    Dear Natalie,Thank you for showing your beautiful video to me and my dad on Saturday. It was full of so much love. You have a great family. Thank you also for taking the time to meet with us on Saturday and all the extra help.

    Charles Stelzried jr.

  7. Your Video

    Natalie, I was browsing the forevernetwork at home with Cat Sheba, and came across your Mothers Day Video with Stacie and Anthony. It was great and the music was perfect.
    Thanks again for the video you made for Irene’s Memorial Service. The still pictures and audio with them were also very good. I’m proud of you. Love,JimH

    Jim Heffernan

  8. Mymother, father,and grandmother

    I would like to know about the remains of 3very important people in my life. They are
    my mother, Doris Ione(Rehmann, Harbin, Edwards, or Young). I don’t remember which last name she was buried under. My father ,Kenneth Malcom Young, and my grandmother Gertrud Dora Rehmann, or Milmine. Could PLEASE let me know where they are in your cemetery. There is one funny thing about my mother being there. My older brother made the arangements. My mother couldn’t stand my father, they were seperated in 1956. My father died in 1957 and was the first of the three to be placed there. My grandmother was placed there in 1965 or 66, and my mother and grandmother didn’t get along eather. My mother was placed there in 1996. She passed away in Oct. of 1996. Could Please let me know where they are in the your cemetery. I would like to be able to find them when I come to place flowers for them. My father still has the flowers I bought for him in 1957. When we reached the cemetery, I wouldn’t leave until they put the flowers inside his casket, to be with him FOREVER. PLEASE see if you can find them for me. Thank You very much for your help. Sencerly Will Young Sr.

    Will Young Sr.

  9. Mothers day

    Thank you Tyler and Brent so very much for giving me the opportunity to create something special like this. It means so much to me.I will treasure this video for the rest of my life.
    And thank you all involved in making it, especially Anette, Stephen, Anthony and Stacie, and Cindy for the inspiration.
    I hope you will all enjoy watching it.

    Natalie Parker

  10. Your Editor Thanks YOU!


    I really enjoyed working with you on your Mother’s Day chapter! I was inspired by everything, the music, the images, and especially the wonderful messages from your beautiful children. Thank you for asking me to be your editor, and thank you for being such a special friend!

    With All My Love,

    Annette Lloyd

  11. Touching story

    My wife and I just got finished watching the touching story of Natalie Parker. Thank you for sharing her story. It is obvious she is well loved. Some people can live their whole lives and never touch anybody, while others can live a short life and touch everybody. Thank you.


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