Nanci Ann Emmons-Hacus

1961 - 2003


  1. May you rest in peace, dear Nancy. I am terribly sorry that we had lost contact and couldn’t be of any support.

    Shawn Ayromloo

  2. Nanci's best friend in high school.

    I am so sorry about Nanci’s passing. I didn’t even know until today. I thought she was alive and living in Newhall. My God what happened. I tried locating her for a long time. So sorry. If you can contact me I would appreciate it greatly.. Nina Andrews

    Nina Andrews

  3. My Dearest Wormy

    Honey,I just wanted you to know that I think about you every day. I miss you terribly and don’t know what is going to happen. I can’t believe you are not here. I can’t believe that we are not together. Please forgive me all my foolish pride and all the things I shouldn’t have done.
    I am so sorry I was not there to save you, my Little Angel.
    I love you more than I can even comprehend.
    I know we will be together again. This time forever.
    Your Peter

    Peter, your husband

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