Muriel Berger

1934 - 1980


  1. I miss you

    I miss you Mom. I miss you terribly.


  2. 23 years

    Hi Mom, another year…In 6 years I’m going to out live you; that feels a little strange. I saw John Edward at a seminar that he did here in L.A. a couple of months ago, he mentioned your birthday and dad’s birthday…nice validation 🙂 I love you and miss you, Scott

    Scott Everett Berger

  3. Your Boys

    Hello Mrs. B:I just wanted to let you know that your two boys have grown into really exceptional human beings. Your early influence and nurturing love really shines in their spirits. They miss you so, but each knows that you are with them every day.
    I am sorry I did not know you in life. You seem like a wonderful, funny, remarkable woman.


  4. 22 years

    Mom, it’s been 22 years since you were with us physically. Where does the time go? By the way, thanks for visiting Barb & I the other day! I guess I am getting better with math and numbers. Marc is doing GREAT! He’s happily married, just bought a new home recently, and has a family of inlaws that absolutely adore him. He and I are closer than we’ve ever been, and we’ve grown to become two very responsible, creative gentlemen. The wonderful folks at Hollywood Forever should be starting construction on the wing of the Hall of David where my crypt is going to be…I’m so excited!You will be in my heart and my thoughts forever mom…Scott


  5. I miss you

    Mom,It feels like another lifetime since you were here with us. The last time you saw me I was a rebellious teenager with long hair…now I’m a rebellious comedian with a shaved head. I miss you and wish you were here to see me put smiles on peoples faces and laughter in their hearts.
    I love & miss you, Scott


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