Monique Silvia Lee

1987 - 2006


  1. kid tung na....

    monique… today is april 23 2008 it reminds me of u again sad day… couple days ago…i’ve heard about many car accident from ppl around me… and i was scare… can u plz protect other good ppl in this world i’m just really sad when they take good ppl away… today i have no class cuz my profressor got in a car accident and yesterday…my classmate got in a car accident what happen to this world wa????? i hate those stupid drivers!!!! anyway…miss u na ja… u take care na…i luv luv luv UUUU!!!


  2. i miss you T_T

    i have no idea if this email would help you to hear me more… i really miss you monique. you are my half. i donno what to do without you. i missed those smiles,hugs,kisses,and your stupid jokes that made me laugh when im crying. i kno now you are watching me from up there. i’ll find you one day monique and we’ll be together again and always together “Sisters are Forever” RIP my lovely sister

    michelle your sister

  3. Rest in peace Nicky. We’ll be thinking of you…


  4. luv u

    deknoy luck pinky~nicky nagor yhak ja bok wa kidtueng mak
    mai roo welar jer pee pump leaw ja kooy ge krai
    ngaw jung

    dEkNoY & JeZz

  5. +'15 A'0!212"

    ‘H22″J!9K4 6J@4+21K’2@I- @*0@-4464*8#4H0’H2F!2+2@*I20 @– #10J0 %-“I-46@+!7-20J0
    -7I!!!! @2″I2H0 !H0’2!2@I22@*C+I@I2!2C@’5I-H2#8D’I0J0
    I-@#”@I2!2-H0H0 ’@#28460J0 +2@’J5I1I2H0H0
    D’I2!212″+!H2″0J0 1J2″H0
    n2j 4 ever na ja
    ps. @#22#12%-2″0J0
    @A”1’@ %L0J0

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