Michael Villalpando



  1. Lil'Boy

    At 1st when I watched your video, I thought you had lost him. I was so sad…but then I realized it was his “arrival” video and I was so happy to be able to share in your joy. You all three look so wonderful and happy together. Here’s to many happy and healthy years for all of you.


  2. Such a beautiful boy!

    May God continue to bless mom, dad and Baby Isaiah forever! Congratulations to you both on the birth of your bouncing baby boy and may he strive in all he does…Cherish him and don’t wish to make him grow up to fast, because kids do and you will wish him to be a baby all over again! May he always make you proud of him in whatever he chooses to do, whether it be baseball, soccer, basketball…The time will come to fast and again, he will always make you proud, no matter what he does! God Bless you all, and again, CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of this beautiful little guy! XXXOOO!

    Southern California

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