Maurissa Jaffe

1914 - 2001


  1. Love from Monterey

    I just heard today that you had gone on dear friend. I thank God every day for the love and support that you gave for so many years. Thank you

    a friend

  2. Maurissa's Grandchildren

    Maurissa had two grandchildren, Jennifer and James. James is living in Oakland, CA and Jennifer in Portland, Oregon. Although Maury didn’t spend much time with her grandchildren, I know she would be proud of the lives they have led and the people they have become.

    Jacque Savage

  3. Maurissa, you look absolutely fabulous in this picture that’s posted for you. You would definitely approve. I think about you everyday with a smile, love and gratitude for having had you as part of my life.

    Fern Robnett Kamins

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