Marlon Del Papa

1979 - 2003


  1. Love of my life

    Damm babe…I don’t even know where to start everytime I see our son Cris mann babe I see you. Yesterday was “Daddy’s Day” and it was so hard to see our boy run around and try to figure out where his daddy is at…You are always and will forever be missed. You know that there is no single day we don’t talk about you. MDP forever, right. I love you so much….:(.By the way your boys are moving on Chikis is going to middle school and Cristian is finally going to Kinder and I finally finish college. You know I have to be strong and be good mom to our boys so when I meet up with you I will let you know of all the crazy things these boys are going to put me through…I love you….Will see you soon. From your wife who misses you dearly, Ms. Del Papa.

    Your Wifey

  2. reminicing

    hey waz up …’s been awhile al-ready since you been gone through all the pain ….my depest regards to ur wife and ur kids i can still picture you like if it was yesterday lil gabriel too….damn hommie everytime i go see gabriel i stop by ur grave and i ask my self why is it certain people howcome it can be someone else but i never get a response i wish i could had done something to help you ,,,why did you have to leave this way so young and so much life ahead of you .it’s hard to understand why ur gone….just know ur always in my heart and i miss you so.marlon till then u may rip…ur homegirl youngs

    ur homegirl

  3. hey waz up shaggie here i ’em droping you these couple of lines it’s almost going to be a year since you past away and the thought of it is crazy and unbelieveable just like gabriel you’r always on our mind hommie we miss you lovw always you’r homegirl

    you'r homegirl

  4. Someone who cares....

    Once again, I am writing because the last time I saw this online tribute, It was his mom who was talking, but this time I saw his wife. Please know that all of us who see this beautiful online tribute are praying for you and your kids. I am so sorry for your loss, but know that your memories of Magic Mountain and Universal Studios will forever bring you comfort as you remember Marlon. May his kids find peace in knowing that his angel wings are fluttering high above and looking out for them forever. Again, I am so sorry for your loss. God Bless You and your family…

    Southern California

  5. Thank you.....

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful online tribute with all of us out here. To see his life flash before our eyes from him being such a beautiful little boy to such a fine looking young man, to a loving husband and father takes our breath away. May his children forever take comfort in knowing how much he is loved. Such touching photos of his and his mom really do reflect on what kind of man Marlon was….May you take comfort in knowing that all who read this will be deeply touched….Thank you for sharing and may his angel wings flutter high above and look out for all of you and know that you have a wonderful guardian angel looking out for you until you see him again….

    Southern California

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