Maria P Navarro

1920 - 2002


  1. Never Forgotten

    I remember you, Dona Maria as a friend to our family. You were like the mayor of Stepney Street, everyone knew you and you helped everyone. When I was 16 I ran away and you sent a blanket to me…that blanket was hand made, it was thick and it kept me warm many cold nights. It also meant to me that someone cared. Thank you so much. May you rest in peace. Stepney Street is not the same without our Mayor. With Love, Monica

    Monica Aguilar-Salinas

  2. Te extrano

    Que triste mi dia sin ti en este dia de la madrre. te amo madre “forever”


  3. love

    te qiuerro y te estrano sweet day we’ll meet again. love jaclyn.


  4. te amo

    hi grandma i lov you


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