Laurence Joseph McCormack

1941 - 2005


  1. wish you all did not go

    not a day goes by that my heart does not ache with pain. I wish I could understand why God took you all from us so soon and way too young. I know you are watching over me always, but the pain today alone is killing me daddy. i really need you ,, even as we grow up we still need the understanding and wisdom of our parents . we always need to have that stamp of approval, and yet we can not even touch you never mind talking, I talk to you all the time and I am sure you are saying christ sake christina give it a rest. That makes me smile just thinking of you saying that. Aunt Patsy has been awesome and has been there for us through everything, just wish we lived closer to help out some. Jimmy Joe and alyssa are my rocks daddy but I feel horrible that I can not take the pain away for them an they are being so strong to shelter me. I know one day when i am standing before God he will tell me the reasons for all this heartach but until then all i can do is keep you all alive through me , I will work hard and make you proud every chance i get. I will always stand by my family and let them know I love them every single day as you did for us. I love you daddy, please hug mommy and larry for me and please all of you come and visit me soon…love always

    christina,jimmy, joe and alyssa

  2. Miss you always

    Hi daddy/grandpa,each day that goes by we miss you more and more ,I wish I could see you speak to you , well i know I keep you up because I talk to you and larry every moment of everyday, sorry , I will never understand and I will never let go, but I will always remember what you asked of me and what I promised we have kept that promise and mom as you know is being well cared for. the four of us will always put her needs first, Joe and Alyssa are very protective of her as is Jimmy, daddy he would go to the end of the earth for mom and I . today is so hard it is the first b-day since Larry passed. please help us be strong and get through this in one piece. god I love you so and never stop watching over us all we will always need you .
    my dear Larry it is Peggy, I miss you more and more , Do not worry about me Jimmy and Christina wee joseph and wee alyssa are watching out for me and do all that I ask.until we meet again I will always have you in my heart.
    love Peggy,
    Hi granpa,
    we miss our talks and jokes that we learned from you Joe is becoming more like you each day that goes by, we are working so hard in school to make you and uncle Larry proud of us. we are really trying. and so far we are doing great, we know you both are helping us , we are still not accepting you leaving us but we have no choice but to understand. now i lay me down to sleep I ask the lord my soul to keep and if i should die before I awake i ask the lord my soul to take. hugs and kisses.we love you so much.
    Joe and Alyssa

    christina,jimmy,joe and alyssa

  3. Miss YOU

    Hi daddy/grandpagod each day we miss you more and more. Alyssa had her first show Friday and i know you were there with her she did so well. God today we all seem a little down. more then usual and we can not stop thinking about you and larry and how you were taken so young from us. oh grandpa we really miss you and at night I so want to hear your voice telling us good night sleep tight. when we close our eyes we picture it. oh how a piece of us died when you did and a bit more when larry left us. We are trying so hard to work hard to make you proud but without you here it is so hard. we are keeping our promise and always will mom is our top priority as you and larry were to us as well. we will never ever go back on our word.
    love you, forever in our hearts always
    Christina,Jimmy, Joe and ALyssa

    christina,jimmy,joe and alyssa

  4. happy fathers day

    Hi! grandpa i miss you sssoooo much! iwish you were here wiyh us you were amazing you did sso much for us even after they took you legs you were always a wonderful man i miss you soo much and i love you ssoo much its hard for me to write more because it hurts to think you gone I just think your here and never think you not so i’ll make this short ,but sweet! i love you and miss you ! TTYL!



    Hi Daddy/Grandpa,Happy fathers day, we miss you so much and wish you were here to celebrate today with you. We are making sure mommy is taken care of the four of us always try and keep her happy. We know you are taking good care of larry, we are still in such shock to have lost both of you , God Daddy it hurts sometimes that I can not breathe.Wee Alyssa is graduating Friday from Pacoima.We know that you and Larry have been with us and helped Joe and Alyssa to make it through those tough days that they are still having as well. I know they say time heals all wounds, but as of now we do not see hurts just as much today as the day you left us. GOd Bless you always daddy and know you will always be in our hearts for ever you and Larry and you know that you never ever have to worry about mommy , she has us as you all have had and can always count on Jimmy , Joe and alyssa and myself always and forever.
    love and miss you so much,
    love Jimmy, christina, Joe and wee Alyssa- p.s. mommy sends her love and you know that she talks to you both daily.XOXOXOXOXOXO

    christina,jimmy,joe and alyssa

  6. 13 months

    today marks 13 moths that you have not been here with us physically- I feel you and larry with us all the time.Daddy/grandpa we miss you more today and each then before. we will always have an empty feeling in our hearts, we are moving forward taking it one day at atime. Mommy is going to always be alright we will die making sure. and daddy you know what is happening and I am sorry for what she is doing – all we that includes mommy all we want is for you and larry to be resting in peace and as long as that one keeps doing or if i respond to her childish ways you will not be at ease, nor will mom so i decided to ignore her honor your wishes and I am so sorry that she did not give you the peace on earth but I will not respond to her so you can have peace in heaven,I do not know why she always needs to do this but I can not allow her to hurt this family so I feel if I just do not let her bother me or push my buttons as you and mom always say then I know well i hope she will just live her life without trying to always hurt us. MArgaret has always thought of Margaret as you already know and that will never change and I accept that but I will not let her go against your wishes and plans that I swore in front of god as my witness- that I would make sure would always happen. and now larry is with you I know he two knows your thoughts and hopes and i know he said he trust and believed me but any doubts I know you have cleared up. so i promise just to do as you asked and also take care of mommy forever always. we love you daddy and please always watch over us as you have been I need your strength as you were always our inspiration to move forward and do better.Love you
    forever always
    Christina,Jimmy, joe and Alyssa
    mommy sends her love and misses you always.

    christina,jimmy,joe and alyssa

  7. i miss you

    i miss you Te message below was from me sorry

    Joe Estrella

  8. i miss you


  9. miss you soo

    Hi daddy,It was too hard to write you last weekend, I am still shocked that it has been a year , And now with young LArry gone as well we hurt soo much daddy, the kids are hanging in there but we all have shed so many tears and I know I am trying to remain strong, I am trying so hard, but as you see some make it hard to heal ,I know you are proud that jimmy and I have kept our promises to you as we said we would and will continue to do so even if I die tomorrow Jimmy will continue to care for mommy, as will Joe and Alyssa so please rest in peace. I so miss going to you and getting your advice and how you told me time and time again do not ever let others bring you down, and how much you appreicated us so much and do not worry we know , how you really felt and no one will ever tarnish that ever. I do not care who heard what, because you told me what some were saying and I told you your health was more importanted and those who did not realize that then I am sure wish they gave you room to heal . well daddy know that I will always in life and death will be here for you and honor you always, and mom forever…Love Christina

    christina,jimmy,joe and alyssa

  10. 11months

    Hi daddy, I can not believe it has been 11months since you went back home to our lord. Oh daddy I am trying to be strong and I am trying to understand why this is all happening we are good people and do not hurt anyone yet we feel so much pain always. I spent some time with wee Jocelyn the other day it was nice and Margaret was being her old self. she might come Friday it depends on jocelyn.Mom is hanging in there but losing both you and Larry it is killing her as it is killing all of us.we are taking it one day at a time but we have so many days with sorrow.I am trying to be strong as you taught me to be but it is so very hard. I lose it much easier now then ever before. i wish I had answers to why this is all happeningI know I keep you both up asking but why?well my dear beautiful father we love and miss you always.
    God Bless and continue to visit us in our dreams.
    love Christina-Jimmy -joeand Alyssa

    christina,jimmy,joe and alyssa

  11. love you

    hi you guys, God to function is almost impossible without you Jimmy has been a saint on earth he is taking good care of us all and he has been taking mommy on her routines. Larry , the letter came for us to go to the sem to prepare for the transplant, I am so upset look how close we were to getting you off of dialysis and because of a Dr. you trusted and his stupid ,stupid error we lose you. I know both you and daddy are with us always and i need you to give me the strength to move forward. I am so glad we became closer and closer each day thank you for always helping me out with work issues or just everything. Thank you for getting me through my teens and thank you both for Loving my Jimmy and joe and Alyssa with all your heart and soul. Larry I know you are hurt how some have hurt you after you left us but do not worry all their lies and stealing and deceit will come full circle. I know you were shocked and how a couple of them really did not know you as well as we thought they did . Daddy we will always protect the family name and I will continue to honor your wishes. i miss you both so much that at times it is so hard to breathe. well I have to go for now but know you will always be in our hearts and dreams,please continue to visit me in my Chris

    christina,jimmy,joe and alyssa

  12. miss you both

    my dearest daddy ,i know Larry is with you and you are watching over us. daddy I miss you both so much I can not breathe. I want you to both know we got everything you left us to find and will get justice for you Larry, it was like you spoke to us from the grave with your recordings and paperwork.your heart was always so big to help others and I will not let anyone take advantage of your kindness to help them they will give back what you lent. bless you for being such a great brother and daddy no one could have had such a wonderful father as you. I know you hear me and are with me and the kids and mom and Jimmy everyday please continue to give us the strength to move on. i love you oh so much and I wish to god you were here. your time came all too soon .you both are needed always and will remain in our hearts forever.I love you oh so much.god bless Love Jimmy , Christina Joe and Alyssa

    christina,jimmy,joe and alyssa

  13. Happy New Year Daddy

    Happy New Year daddy /Happy New year Grandpa- we miss you so much more now then ever I can not believe it is 2006. It was especially hard at count down no matter what even when you were in hospital you even called and counted down with us. Oh how our eyes sting from all the tears we have shed. Daddy , Jimmy and I tried so hard to make it as peaceful and special holiday as possible we did everything exactly how you wanted it,exactly as we do everyday , I am honoring you wishes daddy as you told them to me and we are working very hard to make sure that mommy is taken care of we are also caring for young Larry as well, so do not worry daddy each day or year that passes we will do exactly what you told me and when my time comes and Jimmy’s time comes the kids will honor you as well then will continue to live life through you all that you taught and told them will continue. you always worried on earth may in heaven you have peace and only laughter.Although I thought life could not go on without you and some days it still feels that way living to do what you wanted me to do is what gets me through each day to strive for everything. so Bless you daddy for always loving us and never be sorry for anything because you did nothing but love us and it was our honor to always do what we could we meaning Jimmy/Joe and Alyssa and myself/love you daddy and you will continue to live on in always
    Christina,Jimmy, Joe and Alyssa

    chris, jimmy , joe and alyssa

  14. HappyThanksgiving

    Hi daddy,we wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving-Today will be very hard for us all but know that I am not going to let you down, I have tried so hard to do all that you wanted us to do and mommy is hanging in there I know you have been with us all always and thank you so much for still looking over us and guiding me to make the right decisions . I will always keep my word and you know that you have nothing to worry about. I just wish I could hug you and talk to you as we always did , I miss you so much daddy oh so much . God Bless and know you will always remain in out hearts and soul and know we will miss you especially this Holiday season.
    Love you always
    Jimmy, Christina,Joe and Alyssa

    chris, jimmy , joe and alyssa

  15. 6months

    My dearest daddy,I can not believe six months have passed. the sadness in our hearts still feels so strong and I think that will never change. we are trying so hard to make you proud of us but it is not easy with you not here to guide us the way you always have. I am doing everything that you asked of me and will do so forever and Jimmy and Joe and Alyssa are also going to honor your wishes that you told them as well. you never have to worry your dreams will live on through us. I still find myself going towards your room to check on you or just to have our special moments and those days it really kills me because reality hits and I break down. Mom is hanging in there and sees now we are here for her not against her . We have done nothing but do as you asked , what you requested directly to us Jimmy and myself and the kids.I know you have to see that we are doing everything and will never change that , so rest in peace daddy knowing that no one or thing can ever take away your goals and dreams for Joe and Alyssa you always felt bad that they helped so much so young, but they would give anything to beable to do that all again just to have some more time with you , you were and are there whole life and that will never change. daddy know that you wilalways remain in our hearts and souls.
    Love you 4-ever always Jimmy,Christina, Joe and Alyssa

    chris, jimmy , joe and alyssa

  16. she did it!!!

    HI daddy,as you already know , a day does not go by without me talking or thinking about you, god I miss you so much. Well Stacey did it she graduated, she told me she knew you and her dad were there with her tonight. She also told me it was bitter sweet because you both were not there and then she added but I felt them in spirit, oh daddy I want to hug you and talk to you with your input . I know I am always keeping you up because I can not stop talking to you. Thank you getting me through work and the hectic people Mr Mc.Cann talks to me all the time and makes sure we are alright . HE misses you so much. but never as much as we do. God Bless and know we are still and always will be here for you.
    Love ‘


  17. love you

    hi daddy , grandpa,just a wee note to tell you how much we love you and miss you and how empty we still feel, oh god we feel so empty. But the love you gave us and shown us is so much in our hearts that we will keep goign and work to make you proud of us.
    God Bless and know as we told you and promise that we will always do right by you and make you proud by honoring your request for the future.. Love you,
    forever and ever and ever always,
    Christina , Jimmy ,Joe and Alyssa

    chris, jimmy , joe and alyssa

  18. Hi Daddy

    Well daddy I made it through my first week at work,and it was not easy but , i knew you were with me and that made me feel safe and confident that I will get through my training, Oh daddy it hurst not to be able to come home and share my experience in person with you. Jimmy and the kids have been so great with all the change , but I still miss going to you and having our long discussions . That is one of the hardest part is not being able to share what my goals for the future which always included you and for you to never worry again oh how I wish I could have made all your dreams come true before you left us. But know the dreams you shared with us that I can still make happen will no matter what is said by others I know what you wanted and what your worries were and please know that you do not have to worry it is taken care of . Wee Joe and Alyssa hurt so much that you are not here but appreciate all that you have done for them and continue to do. You have always looked out for them and that is why they tried so much to care and help out , they have the same values you have always taught us and will always think of others , always. THank you daddy for being there and I know you still are and also know you have not died in our hearts.Love Always,


  19. to grandpa

    hi grandpa i miss you so you were the person I could really depend on i know theres my parents ,but i have a different relationship with them , then the one I had with you. you sung to me , you made me feel like I was a princess you could make me happy on sad days , you would support me singing you were the one who started me singing and acting .If it wasn’t for you i wouldn’t be who i am today! thank god i had the opportunity to have someone as special as you in my life I just wish I would have had more time with you ! I wish it was more then 12 years ,but It was the Happiest 12 years of my life and I will truly charish that! heres one for old time sake! See you later alegator!After a while crocodile you make me SMILE!
    P.s. see you up there PAPA!


  20. larry

    We love Larry and will never forget him. His memory is an inspriation to both of us.

    billy and myra

  21. Three months today

    Oh daddy, today marks three months that you left us and the pain and tears as if it just happened today. We miss you oh so much, Dr. Bullock and Yvette spoke so kind of you today they loved you as well , who didn’t you always wanted people to be happy no matter what, and I am trying so hard but days like today it just hurts so much that it is so hard not to shed tears, daddy please always know each day we live Jimmy , the kids and myself will always include you always. If I become at least half of who you were then i will be a better person . I start my new Job monday and I know you had a huge part in that Thank you daddy, and we will always make you proud of us forever,I Love you daddy , we love you grandpayou will always be missed and never forgotten.
    Love , Jimmy-Christina-Joe&Alyssa


  22. Thank you

    Hey daddy,I miss you so much, everytime I have some good news I want to go tell you , I do still but it is not the same I miss you so much , I can not breathe. I got the Job I start on the 18th. Thank you for always being there for us all daddy, I miss our special talks hours of them, I of course still talk but I miss hearing your voice. I do have the b-day tape and I did listen to it once, but it hurt so bad. Oh daddy, please also give me your strength towards mommy being so angry, we are doing exactly what you ahve wished and yet she still has her moments like the way she id with you. but not to worry daddy I walk away till she cools off, well I am sure you know that already, Jimmy and I are doing as you wished and will always do so.I will not be bullied to go against what you want and at one time as you said what mom also wanted. oh well, God knows, right daddy. anyway, just know how much I miss you and will let you know how things at the new job is going. God bless, you love always,come visit in my dreams o.k.


  23. you always on our minds

    hi daddy,time is moving to fast. each day I stop and I think of something funny you said or did. Joe and Alyssa talk about you always and know you are watching over them. daddy things are so hard right now so hard and I know we will get through it but I miss going to you and discussing everything, and you making things better. Oh daddy how hard it is to face each day knowing you are not with us. it is such an empty feeling. Oh daddy know taht we are trying so hard to make everything better but it has not been easy at all know that what keeps us going is our promise to you and I will honor your wishes to the end, and so will Jimmy and the kids. Mom misses you so but knwo that we are taking care of her and making sure she is o.k. her B-day on the 8th will be a hard one for her but we will do what we can to make it enjoyable for her. God Bless daddy and know each day you still live on in us .
    Love always and forever always,
    Christina, Jimmy Joe and Alyssa


  24. miss you

    Hi daddy,today marks 7 weeks and it still is not believeable, I keep thinking you are at the hospital and at anytime I can go visit . Oh daddy, I wish I could see you talk to you hug you , I know you are with me so many things have happened that only you could have done. ALyssa felt you with her while she had her first shows and Uncle Billy and Aunt Myra went to see her, it mean’t so much to all of us especially since she has missed you so much and was so upset you would not be there, but last night we all felt your presents. I am waiting on when to start the new Job and I know things will look better as long as we stay focused and everything we do is for you everything. know I nor any of us will ever forget you, you will live on in us. Love you daddy,


  25. Grandpa

    Hi grandpa,I wish we could see you, it hurts not to talk to you. I miss our good night sayings I still do our prayers but not out loud it hurts to much, grandpa my first show is Wednesday, I wish you were here to see me, but I know in my heart you will be with me . Iam still a little mad, that you left us, mommy and daddy explained but why did god take you we need you too. just know that we will always honor you , do good in school and be successful. heres Joe,
    Hi Grandpa, god needed you to take care and be grandpa to all the little kids in heaven but I wish he could have left you with us longer because I need my grandpa too. I will make you proud grandpa you will see I will do everything you wanted and continue to have you smile upon us from heaven.ALyssa and I will do everything, i mean everything you told us since we were kids, and you never have to worry as we won’t because we know you are with us always and forever.You did not die your spirit lives on in us.
    love you always Joseph
    grandpa after while crocodile make you smile….:)
    Love your grandkids, Joe and ALyssa
    Hugs and kisses go to you forever always

    Joe and Alyssa

  26. miss you

    Oh, daddy you were the sunshine of our lives, each day that goes by we even miss you more, I know you are in a better place now I know you are always with us, but it still hurts so much, why you? why now? I tried daddy I am so sorry I could not save you but god needed you and you had to go because he only takes the best. Please always remain by my side I get comfort knowing you are always with us, and know I will honor our talks and never worry I will do what you ask of me. god bless, love you forever always,Christina and Jimmy

    CHristina & Jimmy

  27. Uncle Larry

    There are some people who are put in this world to make other people feel happy. Even at his sickest times in the hospital, if he had enough energy to tell a joke or share a story the whole room would be laughing. I will miss him but I know now there is another guardian angel in heaven looking after us all.

    Irene Pearson

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