Jose Alfredo Rodriguez

1992 - 2021


  1. R.I.P. Jose <---÷

    A brother thats gone but dearly missed. I know days go on and time is unending but if it means anything what was left from this tragic pain made our family realize how short time is and how time slips through our fingers so why not make good times while we have eachother and make those memories last forever. It’s sad we can’t show you how you brought us together but thanks for everything you’ve done for us you were a great guy and I’ll always keep you in my heart thank you for being my brother and my friend. I hope you are resting easy because you didn’t leave anything in bad hands we are here for you now and forever. May you rest in peace brother….
    From JR…. Its not easy to say goodbye so I’ll check up on you here and there but I wont ever forget the times we spent in this lifetime so I hope there’s another lifetime so we could be brothers again until then I’ll see you later


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