Jonathan Alexander Paredes

1988 - 2006


  1. Thinking about u

    I guess that’s one thing we have in common, Melissa and I, we still think about Jonathan and hope it was one bad dream, funny how we both felt the need to write a message. Not everyone got to see the side of J that was sweet, loving, attentive, funny, smart and the gentleman that he was, some only saw the exterior but not me, and i’m sure not Melissa. I saw him for who he was and I know he tried to make amends of his mistakes in the end, he told me he wanted to change, he told me he was afraid, we promised to do it together, but things played out differently. I constantly think about Jonathan and i know its going to be 2 yrs now since his passing, but for all that its worth,he was a great listener, he always gave the best advice, he had an amazing ability to make u feel loved and appreciated, he was my best friend, and i loved him dearly and miss him. It was the choices he made that caught up with him, only Jehovah knows what was in his heart and I hope that we will see each other again………


  2. Miss You

    I know you cant read this.. and i know that at this very moment you are asleep… waiting for the next life.. and although i was raised to believe in the word of “Jehovah” i cant seem to understand why you are no longer here.. i know that you had problems and life was not easy for you.. but you were young.. and i know that if you were around the right people you would still be here, you just wanted to be accepted….One thing i will believe and tell myself is that you are no longer suffering and that you are sleeping…I know a lot of people may not believe this, but i think of you a lot…I think of what a difference i could have ade… sometimes i blame myself,sometimes i blame everyone else in the kingdome hall.. maybe if we wouldnt have stopped going to the meetings we would have held ourselves and I had a strong bond… and i am very thankful that God put you in my path..i think about it a lot… what a coincidence that we lived in the same neighborhood,went to the same school and even the same kingdom hall….i blame myself…that maybe if we remained friends you wouldve made better choices,but we all grew older and drifted away… i still have not accepted that fact that it is what it is…Its too late for me to think of what i couldve done… but i have not and never will stop…and i will never stop thinking of what a great person you were.Smart in everything,in school.. and so familiar with the bible… how could this have happend… You were there for me when i had no friends because i was new to the neighborhood and new to school…walking with me to shool and back home… speaking about everything… telling people we were cousins so that i would be comfortable… i cried to you when things were not good at home… alot of people didnt know the sweet and smart young man you were…why couldnt you have been smarter…I miss you.. I wish you were still that i could share the same friendship we once had.. sometimes i feel alone, sometimes life is so hard.. and i wish i could talk to you… and hear your advice.. so humble and understanding… i guess thats me being selfish… just o have you here to my benefit.. when i know you had a tough life…im sorry…youre okay now… I just pray your mother is okay to….may God look after her… i know how much she loved you….I loved you too… i know many people did…you will always have a special place in my heart…the first guy i ever trusted.Thank you for your friendship

    Melissa Castellanos

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