John Neilson

1944 - 2000


  1. John Neilson --Who Are You?

    Who are you and why are you here?Other than the fact that you are deceased and dwell here with the wonderful old landmarks of historic silent cinema –when films really were good entertainmnet!
    I noticed there was a musician, a guitar player I believe, as all of them seem to be these days, at least the ones who seell the CDs ( I don’t think they call them albums anymore)…
    Just a photo and a couple of photos and not a hell of a lot of anything else is not exactly going to insure that you won’t be forgotten. With the computers, times goes so fast. And I can’t seem to recall you at all… Sorry about that. I have no idea of who your parents were or waht you did that caused you to be interred here.
    Perhaps a good kind spirit will come and explain that for all of us.


  2. Dear Gas City, I miss you, buddy. Summer’s coming on and it’s time to work on “Bonus March” again. Wish you hadn’t left so early. Love, Gunard

    Gunard Solberg

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