John Bruce Deaven



  1. Mrs.

    I was writing a blog post about John’s Place and found this lovely posting by John. Brings back so many memories. Wherever you are now John, I hope you are enjoying yourself! Miss you.

    Terri Cotter-Weitze

  2. 18 months later

    18 months have passed since the death of our beloved John. Having just had the pleasure of spending several days with Nancy and her beautiful children, I realize what a beautiful legacy John left the children, and the fond, fond memories that he and Nancy shared. Nancy is a WONDERFUL mother, and Peggy Sue and Joey make her life an absolute joy. It is not easy being a single parent, but who can do it better than Nanc? I hope the 3 of them know that they are always in my prayers, and only a phone call away if they are ever in need of anything. God Bless You All……………and thank you John for the joy you brought into each of their lives…… are sadly missed.


  3. One of a kind

    John was certainly a unique person. His fortunate union with Nancy was a gift that he fully understood as his life was ending – for their children are legacy of his passion and her nurturing. His admonishment for all of us to “celebrate life” are words from a man who spoke from the heart. Farewell John.


  4. John

    My mom just told me the sad news of John Deaven’s passing.I am so sadden. He will be missed.
    Even though he lived so far away and we were not real close, I felt close to him. Whenever I would vist him (and later him and Nancy) he (and they) would treat me like royalty.
    I want to be able to attend the funeral and say my last goodbyes but the distance and the time will not allow it.
    He will be missed by everyone that knew him.
    Nancy, don’t forget you are still a part of the family and we love you and the kids.

    Jeff Smith

  5. we are with you

    Hello,we just heard the sad news and are now reviewing the life of our brother and uncel. He was a very importand part and will allways be in our memorys. We want to tell you, that we will allways love you and are looking forward to seeing you again some day. In lovely rememberance Sandy, Emil, Stephie, Markus and families. God loves you!!!

    Sandy and Markus Reck

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