John Barbor



  1. Missing you!

    Hi Grandaddy,
    Just dropping by to say I love you and miss you immensely. Forever in my heart, you’ll be. I love you!
    Love your Grandaughter,

    Adriana Barbor

  2. My Dearest Grandfather

    Grandaddy, I miss you so much! I would give anything, I mean anything, just to spend one day, one hour, even one minute more with you. I think of you at least once or twice every single day of my life. I am so sorry about your resting area and I promise I am going to come clean it up for you and plant some beautiful flowers for you. Everyone loves and misses you! I guess they have been pretty busy.
    Marilyn, Richie and I tried to clean it up the best we could. We were very upset that it had gotten that bad.
    My Dad misses you I think he just want’s to remember you as you were when you were here with us. The cemetary just really gets him down.
    Anyway, I took out the old gladiolas jadeene and I planted last year I think I will plant a pink jasmine tree for you this time.
    I miss you more than words can describe Grandad!!!!!
    Please come visit me in my dreams. I can really use one of your loving hugs so, so, much. Well I am going to bed now and I will be looking foward to seeing you there in my dreams. I LOVE YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH!!! Love Always and Forever,
    Adriana Barbor

    Adriana Lynn Barbor

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