Jerry Mangalos

1950 - 2008

We lost our dear brother, our friend Jerry Mangalos on March 21, 2008.

 Jerry was born on November 26, 1950 in Poland.  The family eventually made Montreal, Canada their home, where parents Suzanna and Elias raised their three wonderful boys, Richard, Jerry and Bobby.

 Jerry’s adventuresome spirit and love of music called him out to Los Angeles, where he created a great life, doing what he loved and building enduring friendships.  Jerry started his music career with Casablanca records. In 1979 he moved to Boardwalk and then Arista, his music home for 19 years. 

 Over the years he worked with such artists as: KISS, The Village People, Donna Summer, Joan Jett, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Kenny G, Milli Vanilli, The Grateful Dead, Air Supply, Barry Manilow, Dionne Warwick, Ace Of Base, The Thompson Twins, Brooks & Dunn, Alan Jackson, to name a few.

 The Rainbow Bar & Grill on the Sunset Strip, a place where Jerry frequented so very often over a span of 30 plus years would soon employ Jerry to host & night manage on the weekends.  He absolutely loved it there and everyone loved him.  This was home away from home and he was family.  And in the minds and hearts of so many, Jerry was a big piece of Hollywoods Rock & Roll history.

 Through his work and by just being Jerry, he made so many friends, he made a difference in so many lives.

 Jerry was a colorful soul — and it wasn’t just in the red boots he wore — he was a full spectrum of the rainbow, kind, caring, witty, creative, down-to-earth, eccentric and very real.

 He will be missed dearly!  He is survived by his brother Bobby, cousins Stephanie, Olga and Aunt Mary.  The family is honored to know how much Jerry was loved and we thank everyone for sharing their memories and love for Jerry.


  1. JERRY



  2. Jerry

    Jerry, I haven’t seen you for several years, since I had pretty much dropped out of the whole scene at the Bow, and now truly regret not having seen or spoken to you in more recent years, especially since I’m now living a sober life, and would’ve enjoyed even moreso having good conversations with you.
    I will miss you, Jerry. You were one of the few people who was nice to me without having a hidden agenda. Your care for us regulars at the Bow was genuine, because you were sincere, which was a breath of fresh air, unlike so many of the phony people you see in L.A.
    You and treated me with kindness, and for that, I will always have fond memories of you.
    I will pray for the loved ones you left behind, that the God of Heaven and Earth Who knows all things, and is Love Himself, will bring great comfort to your grieving loved ones.


  3. Dearly Missed

    The 25yrs of friendship we had I will always cherish.With all that we go through in life, good friendships last alife time.I remember when I 1st met you we were both unemployed and Ben franks and the rainbow were our homes away from home.We had some good times back then, our most memorable when we travelled to Santa Barbara with Eileen.You think back and wonder where the time went however now after 25yrs it’s nice to look back and laugh about it.I will always miss you, my friend with the red glasses,creased jeans,cowboy boots and sweaters.You were always consistent.Where ever you are now I hope you have found your happiness and hopefully you are watching down on those friends you have left behind. Will dearly miss you


  4. Uncle Jerry

    Dear Uncle Jerry, I miss you very much. Ill always remember the fun times. You gave me my first and only motorcycle ride. I always loved riding in the Mercedes with you and I really enjoyed sitting near the speaker, a place where only I could fit. You introduced me to new people at the Rainbow and that was always entertaining. I dont quite remember the times you babysat for Josh and I, probably because I was too young to remember, but I heard we had a lot of fun! I will keep these great memories forever. Love, your God-Daughter, Alannah

    Alannah Forman

  5. missing you

    It’s strange but I realized I haven’t had the antipasto salad since the last time we ordered it. I miss seeing your face and hearing you yell at me to order food..and I miss yelling at you to stop smoking.. I didn’t know you for as long as some but you made a difference in my life and you will always be a part of me no matter where I am. I love you and miss you…save me a table!


  6. Uncle Jerry

    Dear Uncle Jerry,
    It is really sad to see you go; you have always been there for my sister and me. I have known you my whole life and it is hard to just not see you anymore. We all wish you were still here with us. You will always live with us in our memories. I love you Uncle Jerry R.I.P.
    Love Your Godson,

    Josh Forman

  7. you shall be missed

    Whenever I visited my cousin David in California, your name was brought up, a lontime friend, a neighbor someone to whom as an ex Montrealer, there was that special connection of a friend you knew for a lifetime. Each time I met Jerry was a Davids house. He was fun, easy to talk and interested in any story you could tell. The last time I saw him was at Joshs Bar Mitz Vah.I was saddened to hear of his death. I guess he really did not know how many people thought about him. May he rest in peace. Au revoir.

    Barbara from Montreal, Canada

  8. you shall be missed by all who knew you

    Barbara from

  9. you will be missed


  10. To My Dear Friend Jerry

    Thank you for all the wonderful memories and genuine friendship. You will be missed. May God keep you in his special care. Thoughts and prayers are with you always. With love, Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Slawinski Messick

  11. Arista Fondness

    Jerry, I’m smiling remembering all you did without missing a beat and you did it graciously.
    I hope you are sitting in the sunshine while others do for you all you did for us.
    Jerry, your beat goes on……
    God rest your soul.
    Warm rememberances,
    Jerry, your beat goes on. God rest your soul.
    Warm rememberances,

    Rose Gross-Marino

  12. Arista Fondness

    Rose Gross-Marino

  13. sorry to here

    very sorry to here about jerry he was always great to me and i will miss him. he is in a good place. my best to all louie newman friend of david as well


  14. Goodbye my friend...

    Dear Jerry,Thanks for giving me a ride home years ago on the first night we met at the Rainbow’s annual Halloween party that year just because you found we were neighbors. I will always treasure our discussion of ethics and the fictional briefcase.
    Our dinners at The Bow with the “Jerry Steak stuff” as I would call it, and of course…Casa Vega…The chips…and margaritas. Everytime I drive by Casa Vega I think of you my friend. Thank you for those moments…thank you most of all, for being my friend. I am glad the last words you said to me were I love ya Sean.
    I said it back and that was the last time we spoke. I miss you every day.
    God Bless you Jerry…
    With love,

    Sean Ayers

  15. The man with the red shoes

    Jerry was one of those people who, I believe, was truly bigger than life. I say that because every time I was around him he was just this great always funny guy who I enjoyed being around. I knew him through David Forman, childhood mate, but, didn’t really know the person he was. I just knew I liked the guy and always had a great exchange with him. I knew what he did for a living, but not to the extent of the great life he had. He didn’t wear it like so many do. He was just “Jerry” this really fun guy to be around. Save me a seat at your table Jerry. I look forward to seeing you again. Geno Michellini

    Geno Michellini

  16. Farewell

    Farewell Jerry…. You’re one of a kind and I’ll miss you for a long time. Frank

    Frank Martin

  17. Will Miss You

    I will miss you.

    Elise Brecker

  18. We will all miss Jerry, forever.

    Ed Holzman

  19. Arista Friend

    I will always remember your kindness and good spirit. God embraces you now.
    Richard Palmese

    Richard Palmese

  20. Best wishes

    In memorial of Jerry,I remember you as a very spontanious and caring person, with a good sence of humor and a great wonderfull attitude.
    Because of you I’ve got in touch with David again, who I am still in contact with and I am still greatfull for that. I was really shocked to hear that you past away, surtainly at such a youg age. I wish that you will continue to be the person you were, where ever you are right now.
    I sincerly wish all his best friends and his family lots of strength and courage during this tough period of such a great loss.
    With all my Heart and lots of love,
    Sandy van Dijk
    The Netherlands (europe)

    Sandy van Dijk

  21. Jerry

    I’ll always have fond memories of Jerry as the go-to guy. If you coming to the west coast and needed help withanything, Jerry was the guy. He was always so incredibly happy just to help. Looking back, Jerry was one of those unsung heroes of Arista during its incredible run of success. He was always a friendly face when you would walk into the Beverly Hills offices. I used to stay at the Bel Age and would often walk across the street to see Jerry holding court at The Rainbow. Always offering to buy you a drink and ask if everything was ok.I loved that it was Neil Bogart who bought him that Mercedes he loved so much. In closing, Elizabeth Bright may have been the voice of Arista West but the soul of it
    was Jerry Mangalos.

    Ken Levy

  22. Jerry

    I first met Jerry in 1973, the Casablanca days and remained a friend until the end. He never changed. He didn’t have the usual record company ego. He actually enjoyed helping people. We worked together with Billy Ocean during his Arista days. Billy would insist on seeing Jerry on all of our trips whether touring and promotion. We so loved the company of a man who was looking for nothing for himself. And we always got a table at the Rainbow.
    I told Billy the terrible news after i attended the funeral. He is finding it difficult to accept, as we all are.
    For me, I will not be seeing my friend on my visits, but I know he will not be forgotten, that’s for sure.

    Laurie Jay

  23. Best Friends

    You were my best friend in the whole world. I miss you like crazy every day. I find myself calling you out of habit just like we talked almost every day. I love you Jerry you are my brother and I will miss you terribly. Save a seat for me in Heaven next to you and my brother George. I still have God’s work to do here on Earth. Mi Amigo George Crowe

    George A. Crowe

  24. Jerry A brother forever

    Jerry Loved everyone whom he touched throughout his incredible wonderful life he lead. Im constantly missing you my brother and i know your looking down on us all smiling. I miss you Jerry and I share my greatest times of my life with you brother. From the days of Arista Records til the later years of the Rainbow, we had the best times of our lives. Thank you David and Stephanie for creating this page for everyone to share there joys and happiness we all shared with Jerry, Rest In Peace My Bro Jerry, Sincerely, Eric Amega

    Eric Amega

  25. I only knew Jerry through my daughter Laura and what a guy he was. I will always remember him of his red shoes. Fun loving man.

    Carolyn Poggi

  26. My friend forever..

    I alway’s loved you Jerry….
    I’ll miss you…


  27. In Memory Of Jerry

    A time passes I have time to reflect on a close friendship that endured for so many years. Beyond the recent tears and sadness, there is much to celebrate. Everyday was a gift and there are so many fascinating memories that will be with me always. From our early days as friends and neighbors growing up in Montreal, to our journey to California and our travels in between, I will be forever grateful that fate intended for us to share those 40+ years together. We had fun.
    We will be celebrating your life with your friends and family every year on March 21st at the Rainbow.
    Be at peace,
    Pour toujours, ton frère,

    David Forman

  28. You are in our hearts forever

    Dear Jerry,As we have returned and settled back into our day to day lives, there is not a day, not an hour, not a minute that goes by that we do not stop to think about you. Your spirit and amazing energy lives within us and we will never forget the animated times we shared with you. Your personality comes out in each of us and we thank you for that.
    Jerry, we love you and really miss you.
    The Mangalos family, Bobby, Stephanie, Olga and Aunt Mary
    P.S The Mangalos family would like to thank everyone for their support during this difficult time.
    Please feel free to post messages. We would love to hear from all of Jerry’s friends.

    Stephanie Mangalos

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