Jeffery Lynn Martin

1955 - 2001


  1. My Letter

    Uncle Jeff, There was always so much to say. I just figured you would always be around to share with. You knew I loved you but you never knew truly how much. How proud I was to say you were my Uncle. I had it in my head that one day I would come out to Cali. and stay with you and we would have as much fun as when Grandmother went to see you. I imagened waking up on you couch and saying “Good Morning Uncle Jeff”, “Let’s go to your favorite resturaunt tonight.” We would have laughed and had deep conversations and you would know how close we are as we truly shared something I believe. But I will never wake to your face in front of me but you will/and have always been inside me. The last time I talked to you I told you I loved you and you said that you needed all the love you could get. I love you so much and so deep that I believed that my love was so strong that it would fill you up and it would be alright. But I was wrong again. You said it was great to hear my voice, I didn’t think for a second that was to be the last time to hear your voice. I WILL CARRY YOU IN ME UNTIL THE END OF TIME. I love you,
    Suzanne Martin

    Suzanne Martin (niece)

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