Jean Weiss

1915 - 2000


  1. Video and Picture Oration

    Well, I am using a far more progressive computer and saw the video and heard all the narratives on the photographs with tears running down. What a wonderful, wonderful project. You are so special.
    Thank you for letting me share. I will make sure my mom sees it soon. I think I’ll have to be in another room however, as I’m sure she will get hysterical. So sad that their last words were not as loving as so many they shared during their lives. They had such a good support system as friends and then blew it. A shame my mom will never be able to rectify. I know she could have because your mom was so accepting of mistakes and willing to apologize for those of her own, but mine was more insecure and stubborn.
    Let this never happen to any of us. A lesson to not go to sleep without making sure we can be at peace with our actions.
    Love you. M.


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