Jason Ferris

1984 - 2005




  2. miss you man. hope you are alright,and doing well. love you (sabu) jk lol


  3. Hi Jason.

    Hey Jason its your cousin again. Well today if the anniversary of you passing. All week I couldnt stop thinking about you ans the times that I got to share with you. I just thought about what type of person you are and how great you were. Everyone in the family misses you and LOVES you sooo MUCH!! As each day goes by its hard not to think about you. The little things in life now stand out beacause of you. Your life has changed the way I think now. I try to live my life in the now presence… I live for life. You taught me the people can say what they want to you but you yourself can only make you. I now have your strength that noone thought you had. I miss you so much that life sometimes doesnt seem worth anymore, but I know that I have soo much to still live for. You are a special person inside and out. You were always the person that stood out and I feel that I was like that to and still am. I dont live for other people I live for myself, like you did. Jason I have learned alot from you and when I see aunt claudette and uncle micheal cry or the sadness in their eyes I feel you always there. Making sure you are never forgotten, which you will never be. The family feels so much for you and nothing will ever change the way we think about you. I know that you live in all of us and by that we can live each day for you. I will always and forever remeber all the times we have shared. I wish that there were still more to come but I feel there will be because you are with me everyday. You make me get through after the tears. But I will ALWAYS cherish the life you still have with all of us. I love ya lots and will never forget….Sarah


  4. Hi cousin!!

    Hi jason this is your cousin Sarah!! I just wanted to tell you a little something. I hope you can bear with me cause it might be long. Latley I have been thinking ALOT about you. Not a day goes by without thinking about you or the times we have had together. I often sit and think about life. Sometimes we never know where to go or even where we belong. All of us start to feel that when we loose someone like you in the family. Someone with such courage, strength and a strong will. I have alwaysed admired you for your strength. You were never afraid of anything and you didnt care about what others thought of you. YOU WERE YOURSELF. I try to take that with me everyday and live it out through myself. It gives me confort and peace of mind knowing that you have impacted me in such way. Jason I cry soo much whenever I think about you. I wish sometimes I did have one more chance to talk to you. I have realized I do. Now anytime I want to talk to you I just simply talk. I know that you are safe and in a happy place now. That is where everyone would want to be. I know in my heart I have all the moments and times that we have spent together to take with me in the rest of my life. I often think of the laughs we have shared and how you were the only on when we were little to play barbies with me..lol(sorry jas):). We were close in age and I cherish that. Even though you didnt know we did have alot in common. I will always remember prom…I know you were shy to go with me but I was honored that my cousin took me. I know you were always protective of me and I am greatly thankful for that. I knew that if anyone had my back it was you. Jason I know this is long but I have sooo much to say. Ill cut it short. I love you jason and you have touch all of our hearts and minds in sooo many ways. Please continue to be that same way and guide your family to the right path. You may of not felt light in your life but you sure are lite in all of ours. I love you cous and always remember your family is the only thing you will ever have for certain…LOVE YA SARAH


  5. my puppy love

    when i meet jason i was a little girl about ten or eleven years old. All i knew was he was my uncle joses friend. And as the years past by we became friends and so much more up until i left california in 2001. but the only thing i regret was when i saw him a few years later i didnt bother to say hello because i was pregaunt. But who would of known that would be the last time id see him alive. i can honestly say that he took a part of my heart with him because i always had a spot for him in my heart for being the first guy i loved. So jason i hope you rest in peace please remember me and know i will always love you.

    wendy ganine mercado

  6. want you with me

    i still can not stop thinking about you jason never will alow myself to forget you




  8. Remembering@90 Days

    May you be at Peace with the Lord, and may your devoted family (Dad, Mom, Brian & Megan)ever so gently regain strength, dignity and desire to carry one in your absence. If only you realized HOW MUCH you would be missed, and what tremendous pain left to be endured. May this reminder ever be a testament to God’s Love & Faith, and serve as a Blessing to you, Jason. R.I.P. Jason—you continue to be dearly missed by all, especially your family.

    G. Walker

  9. My Life Long Buddy

    Dear Jason, Thank you for everything we have done together and for always standing by me. Through our younger years we were joined at the hip. We literally couldn’t go to the bathroom without each other. Now with me back from Afghanistan and the possibility of another deployment to the Middle East, please don’t forget to watch over me and of course your family. I will see you when I get home. Save a seat for me buddy. Go pack 871.
    Love Your Best Friend,
    To The Ferris Family,
    I cannot find the words to describe the loss of our son, brother, and friend Jason was. The world is a lesser place without him. I know he sits in heaven now with God and the angels, and heaven itself has improved by his pressence. Jason was the best friend I had ever gotten to know. The last 2 years were had on both of us but we hung in there. Although he is no longer with us he will guide us spiritually. My never ending love to the family, call me if anyone needs anything.
    Andrew Hughes Spc.
    U.S. Army

    Andrew John Hughes

  10. My feelings.

    Jason, I wish you would have had the courage to tell someone how much pain you were feeling. I know I am that family member that many don’t try to get to know. I am usually just the one on the side lines, watching and observing each member of the family, trying to make sense of why things happen. I know I could be more if only others would let me. Maybe thats why I am visited by those who pass away, because they now know I knew them more than they thought. I thought of every situation that caused you to be so sad angry. I feel that you took your life for at least one of the things I thought of or an accumulation of them. No matter the reason, I feel you were destined to be an angel early in life and I feel at peace with that. Your death really disturbed me and I shed a lot of tears, but I think I handled it better than most because, two years ago, when Grandpa died, I felt his presence among my home. I now look back and think maybe he was trying to prepare me for your death. For a couple of years, I thought and told people that I did not see you living to be very old. I did feel that one day I would receive a call to tell me of your passing, but I didn’t know it would come true. You looked so much like Uncle Tom and I did not want you to leave early like he did. I now feel your presence in my home and I believe you are trying to communicate with me. I want to let Uncle Mike, Aunt Claudette, Brian and Megan know that I truly believe you are a part of Heaven and are ment to help the family in a way you couldn’t on earth. I pray that your immediate family will not mourn so much, for you are in a beautiful place. They need to realize that they need to concentrate on the family that is left behind. They need to spend lots of time together. I’ll miss you, Jason, and I hope you will guide the families to be closer. Your Cousin and Friend, Christine


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  12. I hurt

    Dear, Jason
    I hurt because I wish you were still here,but was I there for you when you were here?
    I hurt because I see the pain in your family,especially your mother & father,not to forget Brian & Megan. I saw how devastated they were by losing you.
    Why did you put on such a shell of anger & mystery? I hate to think thats what destroyed you. We tried to talk to you but you wouldn’t open up. We loved you Jasdon, did you know that? I hope you did.
    You chose to do something you felt you had to do, but we don’t know why!?!
    We will see you again and then maybe we can know why.

    a friend

  13. my brother

    jason i love you so vary much i just wish you could have talked to me bro. what ever was bothering you for so long isent anymore jason. i will alwase be thinking about you jason,never forgeting the good times we had shard together.r.i.p.jason patrik ferris ,my littel brother.

    brian ferris

  14. i trip out thinking of when we were all little, real little kids when we were all just doing stupid things JAson would always make us laugh he was a character one of a kind its so sad he had to leave us when i heard about it i was just shocked i would have never expected it from him he was one of those good kids and he had everything a guy full of smiles we all miss you jason your in all of our hearts dawg in my prayers in my mind keep your head up see you later in the next life!!!!peace foo’

    Lawrence,Mark,Tanesha Fields

  15. i love you jason

    Hey cousin j. I miss you and you will alway be in my heart! and always! rememberd -RIP jason love you Cousin-JERAMIAH (jt). Love you Micheal Claudette, Megan, and Brian


  16. i love you jason

    hey cousin j. i miss you and you will alway be in my heart! and always! rememberd


  17. Gone but not Forgotten

    You were an angel to your family in life and now you are most assuredly your family’s guardian angel in heaven.You were so loved, and you will always be remembered.
    Love, Becky


  18. Beautirul Memorial

    Thank you for sharing Jason’s beautiful online memorial with all of us online. Such a lovely song. Take comfort in knowing you have a beautiful guardian angel watching out for you. May God Bless You….

    Southern California

  19. Beautiful Online Tribute


  20. You are Free

    Dear Jason, You are loved by so many people. I know that you are with God and He is taking care of you. You will be missed by so many, just watch over your Mom, Dad, Brian and Megan. They are the ones hurting the most. Let them know that you are watching over them. I will miss you. Love Sandi

    Sandi Wyatt

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