Jarren Munguia

1986 - 2003


  1. life

    my life is better i am living with my sister and it is good sometimes.. i am just getting on here to let you know that i am ok and that i miss you and i am going to get a tattoo with a heart and a banner going through it and i want it to say your name and that shows you how much i miss you cuz :< i miss you so muchwell i love you i will tall to you soon cuzin happy belated new year

    your cuzin jade

  2. marry christmas and happy new year

    i miss you i want you here for christmas but i guess you cant be i dont know why no one talks to you anymore i know i havent talked to you in a while but i am on here marry christmas cuz and happy new year

    you lil cuz jade

  3. hey cuz

    hey cuz i just wanted to show you some love and i will messege you on christmas love you!!!

    your baby cuz jade

  4. You

    Hey Cousin, I miss you. I am still here in Topeka and I hate it there is nothing to do here. My mom is having a very hard time without anyone there with her but I think she is doing better without me there. You know its because I stress her out.Well I am going to go
    I love you!!!!
    And I miss you!!!!

    Baby Jade

  5. You

    Baby Jade

  6. HI< Jarren

    Hi, Sweetheart just thought I would write you a little since its been awhile, First of all we love you very much and still think of you all the time. Just updating you on a few things but since you are an angel you probibly know most of this anyway. We are all still ok and making it here in Kansas but just to let you know Colton has a baby girl 1 yrs old and she is adorable her name is Sophia I call her Mrs. Sophia becuase she is just so onery, and Colton is in the Marines now he is graduating from boot camp on Oct. 26th 2007 Jade is living in Topeka and is 16 it seems like they are growing up so fast and little Cyrus is now 6 and in first grade. Colton Graduated this year from High School a year early and was in the top of his class. We are so proud of him and he misses you so very much. I am sure you can hear him talking to you all the time and me too. Well just letting you know we love you I just couldnt bring myself to write you closer to the date that you were taken from us I couldnt bear it . So just thought I would let you know we are thinking of you and we love you. Love Aunt Faith, Robert, Colton, Jade and Cyrus. PEACE

    Aunt Faith & Robert

  7. Hi, Jarren

    Aunt Faith & Robert

  8. hey cuz

    hey i miss you and i wish you were herewell imma go
    i love you cuz

    you lil cuz jade

  9. hey cousin

    hey cousin i miss you so much i am so sorry that your life had to end that way. well i have a pretty good life right now i dont have a boyfriend and i am getting really good grades in school all A’s and B’s. well i am going to go so i can do my homework well i love you talk to you later.


  10. hey cuz

    hey i just wanted to let you know that i havent forgot about you i am sitting in a foster home and waiting to go home. well i just wanted to let you know that i havent forgot about you because i dont see anyone message you so i wanted to let you know that jeannie has been busy with talking care of her baby any ive been in foster care. but i love you and always will cuz no matter what even when i get old.

    you baby cuz jade

  11. hey cuz

    hey cuz how r u? im good i guess i got my first ticket on friday and it sucks because i am only 16 i wish you were here you would of kept me out of trouble. well i got to go got mad love for you cuz
    p.s. i am getting in loving memory of jarren munguia tattooed on my right sholder blade
    love you cuz


  12. i miss you

    hey I was just thinking about u i miss u alot i am locked u and now im getting what i deserve so i miss u and i will always love you


  13. Hello

    Hey!I just wanted to stop by and say hi and to let you know that I am going to get married to my boyfriend Mario and I am really excited!I know that I haven’t wrote to you in a while but I still love you and miss you!


  14. Hello

    Hey!I just wanted to stop by and say hi and to let you know that I am going to get married to my boyfriend Mario and I am really excited!I know that I haven’t wrote to you in a while but I still love you and miss you!


  15. I miss you

    hey my love…i miss you so much. tomorrow is going to be really rough. it’s so hard for me to know that tomorrow was the exact day that you were taken from me two years ago. i feel so selfish but i wish you could come back to me atleast just for one more day… i just want to hug you and kiss you and feel you next to me one more time… i want to lay down and look at you next to me….i miss you….i love you always and forever….bye baby


  16. you

    Hi Jarren i luv u and miss u i wish u were still here. I hope that guy that murdered u is in jail 4 life. I think he is going to be. Anyways I luv u


  17. you


  18. Sentencing of Jarrens Murderer

    Hi, Everyone just wanted to let you know that they sentenced jarrens Murderer Yesterday the 10, of May 2005 The Judge gave him the maximum sentence of 25 years for the murder and another 7 years for the robbery so he has 32years total. We wished for more but am ok with the fact that he will have to do 85% of the sentence before being able to be considered for parole and when he does get to go in front of the parole board we will be there to make sure he does not get paroled. thanks We love you jarren, Aunt Faith and Robert

    Aunt Faith And Robert

  19. Happy Birthday Baby

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!! I miss you and think about you all the time…I wrote your dad a letter, but i haven’t gotten anything back…Kinda worries me, but maybe he just hasn’t gotten around to it or something…Who knows?? But i just wanted to say that i love you with all my heart!! muahz


  20. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday tomorrow!! you would have been 19!! crazy to think! I miss you so much…


  21. Hi

    Hey!I just wanted to say I miss you! And i am thinking of you!

    Your Baby Sis, Jeannie

  22. -

    Hey I was just watching something and it reminded me of you. I just wanted to say hi and i miss you and love you.


  23. -

    Hey I was just wathing something and it reminded me of you. I just wanted to say hi and i miss you and love you.


  24. you

    hey i love you and miss you

    Your Baby sis

  25. I miss you

    Hey hunny!! I miss you…So much…Almost 2 whole years since you told me that you really do love me… Valentine’s Day is in a week…It sucks because i don’t want to spend it with anyone…I don’t like to think that someone else might take that special memory we had on February 14th….I don’t even want to chance it, but i know that i have to move on…I love you with all my heart…I still think about you always.. I love you… *manda*


  26. I miss you

    Hey sweetie…I miss you…I miss you a lot..I still cant believe your gone…I cant believe your not with me…I’m finally home and now i cant stop thinking about you…I love you Jarren…I been tryin and tryin to get ahold of your dad…I saw them at Christmas…I went and visited you… I think thats when reality hit, but i still dont want to believe it…I miss you and imma be there to see you this weekend…I love you Jarren William…

    Manda Bear

  27. Hi Honey

    Hi Honey, Just thought I would drop by and say hi. You are always in our thoughts and We love you. Colton and Jade miss you very much and talk about you all the time. Colton is doing great in School and you would be so proud of him. Jade well she is a little wild and still just onery. We all love you and will talk again soon. LOve Faith and Robert

    Aunt Faith And Robert

  28. whassup homie

    sup jarren ,its your childhood buddy jesse, im sorry didntt get to tell u bye but your still my brother and i miss u alot. I know your with me in spirit

    Jesse Cantu

  29. Merry Christmas

    Hi Honey We thought we would drop by today and wish you a very Merry Christmas. We miss you so very much and know you are doing wonderful up their in Gods arms. Stay Happy and we will all be together again. Love always Aunt Faith and Robert. Colton and Jade say they love you and miss you so very much. Hugs and Kisses.

    Aunt Faith and Robert


    Hi honey just wanted you to know that we vistited to day and how much we love you. You are with us everyday and we will miss your beautiful smile. Love always Aunt Faith and Robert.+

    Aunt Faith And Robert

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