Jaime, Sr. Estrella

1942 - 2002


  1. Miss you Tio!!

    Tio, I want to let you know that you have been missed so much!! You have been in my prayers everynight along with your family which I Love very much. I can’t thank God enough for blessing me with such a wonderful Tio. Spending the last few months with you before you took that journey to a better place was my privilege and my honor. Seeing you smile would bring me so much joy, You were and will always be a very special person that touched not only my life, but so many others that loved you. Tio, you will never be forgotten. You will always be Loved.
    Your niece, Liz Duron

    Liz Duron

  2. It's been awhile

    Jaime I celebrated my Birthday the other day and I missed you so much.. I am used to all of you remembering a week later and it even became a joke.. I really am going to feel sadden Saturday when I go to T.J. for the first time to see the home you built yourself and you not present. Please give us the strength to fullfill your wishes of your house. I would never go to T.J. but for to help fullfill your dreams I put all my decisions on hold and just want to be there for you still and forever always..Well Jaime, God Bless , love and miss you


  3. I Know You are Listening

    Jaime,Yes it is me again.I can not explain it but I feel the need to communicate with you not only in prayer but I really am drawn to communicate with you through these message’s .I know it may seem strange to people but I really feel that this is the way I am dealing with you being gone. It hurts so much sometime .Like now I just want to talk with you . see you smile and put your thumbs up like the fonze, But I know you are still doing that even though I can not see you I know you are watching over us. I am trying so very hard to make sure everyone is o.k. that when I finally settle down myself I can only reach out to you. so Jaime , Please understand Why I am talking tooo much or reaching out so much.This is how I am dealing with you being gone. I hate that word gone. Better, not present. I love and miss you so much. Please remember I will not let anything bad happen to the family. rest in peace knowing your family loves you and will be o.k.



    Hey Dad we just wanted to wish you a Happy Valentine’s day!!! You didn’t care for this holiday much because you didn’t need just one day a year to show your love you showed it all year long. God We miss you oh so much.Love,
    Jaime Jr ,Christina,Joseph & Alyssa


  5. Wedding Anniversary

    Today would have been your 32 wedding anniversary with mom .She misses you so much .she has made plans still to celebrate today with you dad .we are trying to keep her busy, after we leave the cementary and we will celebrate with her in honor of this special day , I know you will be with us .I know you are not here in body but I know you hear me so Happy anniversary dad .God I miss you.Love forever always,
    Jimmy-Christina -Joseph -Alyssa

    Jimmy &Christina -Joseph &Alyssa

  6. one month

    Jaime,today you have been gone from us in body for one month now. And it is still hard to believe.I know you are with us all and will never leave .I know you are resting in peace and finally feel no more pain .It is such a bitter sweet day .I am happy that the pain is finally gone and you do live on,in our hearts and souls . But a month without you,to some people that is a short time but to our hearts it’s felt like an eternity .We all pray everyday for you but today there will be an extra moment of prayer in rememberence of one month ago today.
    love and miss you always,


  7. Thinking of you!

    Tio, I just want you to know that you are always in my thoughts and in my prayers. It was hard to see you in pain and your family holding strong to make things more comfortable for everyone. God has chosen you to help lead this world. Tio, evertime I see your picture you make me smile. I love you dearly and just know that your family is still here living for you. You will not be forgotten and you will never stop being loved. Your Niece, Vita


  8. Proof you are still with us

    Jaime,You never seem to amaze me.I have been telling everyone that you are not gone you are with us always ,and I know that it is hard for people to understand . especially stacey-I keep reassuring her that you are and that no matter what you are with us ..She does believe that but you made it even more so believable today when we were fixing your grave and we were digging you returned to noy a bracelett that she could not find one that she said she did not wair to the grave.I was not so surprised but for the people who had doubts you convince them..I know that you are with us all and I am less afraid of things knowing this and I know your in heaven taking care of my babies with my grandmother,I prayed for them the other night they would have been 4 now .I know you are taking good care of them and they are happy to be with there papi..well Jaime I love and miss you deeply and even though I feel so bad I know you are helping us all to live each day a little better.Good night senor ,
    Love always ,
    Christina (huera)


  9. In Memory of Jaime

    Senor,We miss you so,sometimes it hurts so much we can not breath. but dad I am keeping my promise I am trying to be as strong as I can but the pain is like no other.What gets us through each day is remembering the wonderful memories we have and sharing them with each other.Jaime- It is so hard like Jimmy said but you live on in all of your children an Grandchildren-each one of them have something that you instilled in them.I keep hoping that this is all a bad dream -than reality hits and all I can do is cry, cry until I remembered you telling me not to, that it is o.k. and you did not like tears.so than I try to be as strong as you were.Dad I will not let you down I will look out for the family as I know you are looking down upon us at all times making sure we are alright as well..Dad we love you and miss you remember my talk with you I will need you always and will never ever forget you I am you, my brothers and sister and our children are you.so dad I dedicate all my values and hardworking ethics my caring and love to you because I would not know any of this if it weren’t for you.
    Senor- I too have lost something very special .I want to thank you for letting me into your life and giving me love and kindness that will last a life time. I know God only takes the best,But so soon is what I do not understand and probably never will.I do feel some comfort knowing that you are looking down on us.And when my time comes I know that you will be there waiting ,So until we meet again I just want you to rest in peace and know that in heaven and earth you will always be loved.
    Love always your son
    Jaime Jr & Christina (Huera)

    Jaime and Christina

  10. Papi,we love you (cont)

    papi,Will our hearts ever feel whole again??I know you are with us at all times,and our memories will never leave us .But why did you have to go?? I know you are better now and feel no pain and for that we are grateful.But now we have such great pain that seems like it will never end ..So we pray for you ,talk about what a great man this world has lost and we talk to you as if you were beside us than at night when all is quiet we say Good night Papi and kiss your picture.Oh how we would give anything for it to actually be you.So Papi always remember You may have left us in body ,But in memories and the love we know you will live on in our hearts.Good night Papi.
    Love always
    Blanca Bonita & Joseph

    Alyssa and Joseph

  11. we will always Love you Papi


    Alyssa and Joseph

  12. We'll miss you

    Tio Jaime was one of the most hardworking persons i have ever met and he will dearly missed by everyone. We are filled with mix emotions because we’re thankful he is resting but at the same time we wish he were still here but it was the best for him. One thing we’ll never lose are the good memories we have of him and those will always stay with us. We’ll always love you.


  13. I miss pops

    To the greatest man I will ever know. He taught my brothers and I to be strong,work hard and the importance of family. I will miss you dearly dad. I will always love you. Your son Chava


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