Inna Segal

1983 - 2005


  1. Dear Inna

    I recently visited you with my sister. I couldn’t get you out of my head after visiting. You were such a beautiful young girl taken so soon.


  2. Hi

    Hi there,
    Inna you are good person, i found this web and read about your life. Hope god bless you.


  3. Missing You

    Its funny how life comes around full circle. You are still missed and still so very much loved by all. You are in my heart and a factor of my life. Smile your beautiful smile for all of us when your take a moment to look down…


  4. Happy Bday

    Dear Inna,
    I thought of you this whole day on your special day…your bday. I hope wherever you are you’re in peace…know that I love you very much and wish you were alive. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.


  5. Hollow Happiness

    I’m on the precipice of success, overcome so, so many obstacles, including myself…but as beautiful as life may be, it can never be what it would with you still here. Always on my mind and forever in my heart.


  6. u were a great friend

    u had a great heart. it’s true the greatest die young. still and always thinking of you. your friend micheli


  7. Happy Birthday Inna

    Dear Inna,
    Today is your 25 birthday…is amazing how time has passed by so very fast yet is true that time is passing us by so very fast. To know that you passed away at 21 and now on this day you would have been 25 makes me see how life is free to just pass us by with out any obstacle stopping it. It makes me sad you died at the peek of your youth and life and didn’t get to experience the things that by now if you would have been alive would be experiencing such as marriage,career,maybe even children. I never knew you but I have become so attach to you for some odd reason…maybe because I go visit my loved ones and always get the chance to visit you too..I don’t know what the reason is but all I know is that I now consider you like a friend and someone close and special. I can clearly remember visiting you the first time when you were just buried just days ago,and to just think back on that day makes me realize how time is flying by. I hope that wherever you are your at peace and that your family is good as well as those who knew you and loved you. Know that I am thinking of you today on this very special day of your birthday as well as always. Just know that wherever you are I think and pray for you and have a special place in my heart for you. I wish you a happy birthday Inna and will get a chance tomorrow to visit you and leave you a flower and card. Sending you all my love angel.


  8. Happy Birthday Inna

    Dear Inna,
    Today is your 25 birthday…is amazing how time has passed by so very fast yet is true that time is passing us by so very fast. To know that you passed away at 21 and now on this day you would have been 25 makes me see how life is free to just pass us by with out any obstacle stopping it. It makes me sad you died at the peek of your youth and life and didn’t get to experience the things that by now if you would have been alive would be experiencing such as marriage,career,maybe even children. I never knew you but I have become so attach to you for some odd reason…maybe because I go visit my loved ones and always get the chance to visit you too..I don’t know what the reason is but all I know is that I now consider you like a friend and someone close and special. I can clearly remember visiting you the first time when you were just buried just days ago,and to just think back on that day makes me realize how time is flying by. I hope that wherever you are your at peace and that your family is good as well as those who knew you and loved you. Know that I am thinking of you today on this very special day of your birthday as well as always. Just know that wherever you are I think and pray for you and have a special place in my heart for you. I wish you a happy birthday Inna and will get a chance tomorrow to visit you and leave you a flower and card. Sending you all my love angel.


  9. Happy Birthday!

    Inna, its you’re 25th Birthday on Monday! We will be celebrating your life and your beautiful spirt that always looks after us.
    I love you and miss you so much! I wish I could just talk to you just one more time…


  10. Sorry for your loss

    She was a beautiful Girl…


  11. any naked pix?

    George Bush

  12. i am looking forward

    sweet heart, can i go with bulness with you, ilove you so much iwant you to be mine,even the first time isaw your email i was convince please iwant you to have this in mind thank you very much from destiny:



    Dearest one
    I’m writing you this message with humility and respect for I know this message will come to you as suprise. First and foremost and brief self introduction,I am faith mamadu ,23years old and the only daughter of my late parents Mr.and Mrs. Robert mamadu.
    My father was a highly reputable busnness magnate-(a cocoa merchant)who operated in the capital of Ivory coast during his days It is sad to say that he passed away mysteriously in France during one of his business trips abroad year 12th.Feb. 2006.Though his sudden
    death was linked or rather suspected to have been masterminded by an uncle of his who travelled with him at that time.But God knows the truth!
    My mother died when I was just 4 years old,and since then my father took me so special. Before his death on Febuary 12 2006 he called me and discIose to me that he had a sum of $10.5 million US DOLLARS (Ten million five hundred thousand USD)deposited in a suspence
    account with one of the local banks here in Abidjan,Ivory Coast.
    He also said he used my name to Deposit the fund with the bank as his only daughter, as well as the next of kin to the fund. He also explained to me that it was because of this wealth that he was poisoned by his business assocaites, That I should seek for a foreign partner in a country of my choice where I will transfer this money to and use it for investment purposes.
    I want you to assist me in clearing this fund into your account overseas as a beneficiary of the fund,and also use it for an investment purpose.
    I am just 23 years old and a high school leaving certificate holder and really don’t know what to
    do.Now I want an account overseas where I can transfer this funds. This is because I have suffered a lot of set backs as a result of incessant political crisis here in Ivory coast.The death of my father actually brought sorrow to my life.
    Now permit me to ask these few questions:-
    1. Can you honestly help me as your sister or partner?
    2. Can I completely trust you?
    3. What percentage of the total amount in question will be good for you after the money is in your
    Dearest one,I am in a sincere desire of your humble assistance in this regards Your suggestions and ideas will be highly regarded.
    Please,Consider this and get back to me as soon as possible to indicate your interest in my proposal. Thank you so much and awaits to hear back from you soonest.
    My sincere regards,
    faith mamadu

    faith mamadu

  14. Love

    Don’t quite know how I happened onto this but glad I did. You were a much loved young lady. Your loss is greatly felt by your friends and family. I am sorry. May God grant you Peace.

    Ms. E. Rollocks

  15. Your Missed

    Dear Inna,
    I never knew and although I never did I feel for you and your family. How I would of wish I could have met you because you look like someone sweet and special. Knowing that your life was cut short makes me so sad…especially now that my 21 b-day is coming up and knowing your life was cut short at 21 makes me think so much more about you. I can assure you that for my 21 b-day I will have you in my thoughts and heart. Not a day goes by when I don’t think about you and pray for you. I know your in a better place and I know that somehow you know about me although I never knew you…I can feel you when I visit you and I even had a dream about you and I know that was you and I thank you for taking the time to come visit someone who never knew you but cares for you. I have always plan to be burried in Hollywood Forever and is nice to know someday I will be resting in a place where someone as special as you is resting as well. I have come across many people in the cemetery who’s stories have touched me but yours is special and I don’t know what it is about you but all I can get is that your just special and that is what draws people to you such as myself. On this death anniversary being your 3 know dear Inna I think of you and always hold a good thought for you.
    With Much Love,

    Someone Who Keeps U In Her Heart

  16. From Your Friend

    I’m so very sorry for your loss. I will pray for her soul and your whole family. May God bless you.


  17. my heart

    not a day without u in my thoughts….not a single day…………i go on for u, i wanna make u proud n honor your memory….u r in everything i do……..i love u beyond earth or time or anything…cant wait til i see u again, my baby!


  18. A life cut too short

    I came across this beautiful life story and was deeply moved. I cannot imagine what her family is going through but I can say her memory lives and breathes in the hearts of all who knew and loved this young woman. There is still hope. Have faith you will be reunited with one another and know she is in good hands. I hope you find joy and will be consoled by these words.


  19. Sorry to your family and friends

    was sitting at my computer ran across forever network life story. Wanted to say how sorry I am for your families lost. You look so cute on the picture and I could feel how nice and sweet you were and are. But I know that you are watching over your love ones from heaven. I know that your family and friends loved and still love you but, God loves you best. Family Shes with the Lord Jesus, and all of us who read about her as well as family will meet her one day. Thank you for letting me meet her. Thelma Jones Chicago Illinois


  20. she was a very pretty young lady. sorry for your loss


  21. Sorry for your loss!

    I came across this moving video of a very beautiful young girl, who grew into a very beautiful women. I was so moved by the video and her beauty. I am so sorry for your lost, what ever she died from, it was a tragic lost. It’s hard to lose the people that you love so much. I hope you can find comfort in family and friends to get you through the difficult times.Sincerely
    Mary Ann Sawczyn

    Mary Ann Sawczyn

  22. i cant believe it

    hi inna, i just found out that you are gone and it hurt me, we used to hang out all the time in school, i saw your cats give birth and threw up, your grandma loved me remember? i dont know what happened, everytime i pass by your old house i want to go in and talk with you and now … you are missed>


  23. Happy B-day

    Dear Inna,
    I’m sorry this is a few days late.I know that this June 2 was your b-day because it said so in a link of music boxes,i want to wish you a beautiful happy birthday where ever you are.Although i never met you know your someone special to me,and all of the people who leave you comments.Happy birthday dear.


  24. blessed

    Inna my friend and I were so intrigued by your Garden… We had to find out about you… It’s obvious you were well loved and you draw people to you… God Bless you and may you rest in peace


  25. Kiki,your very kind in thanking us all for visiting your beautiful cousin Inna.This comes from me and i’m sure from all of us who post msg. for Inna here….i thank you for sharing beautiful memories of your cousin and for her lovely Forever Life Tribute.


  26. hi inna segal

    ilike speak for niew girl i old 08/01/1981 im read in the enversity and work beaker


  27. hello inna

    hi im verry happy for see your peacture and ilike to speak weath you ok i old at 08/01/1981 im cerry happy for seand me i like see you soon nice pic


  28. My Inna

    To all of those who write these beautiful messages to my cousin, I just want to say thank you for your interest. It really is a warm feeling to know that people are as touched by her today as they were when she was here with us. Your interest in her is valid, because she truly was one of the most beautiful people to walk the earth. She was and still is loving, smart, and no matter what, she always had a big smile on her face. Thank you so much for visiting her here and at her grave.


  29. Love you

    Hello my Gorgeous,I am turning 21 on Sunday. I’m sure you know. I know we would party hard :)….I’m gonna miss having you there with me to celebrate. I have the pics from my eighteenth birthday where you stood with me while I blew out my candles. It’s the best because you look so excited for me. Thank you for that. I love you. I know you’ll be there with me. I’m going to New York!!!! Be there with me too! Love you, love you, love you.


  30. Dearest Inna

    I never met you and i can remember as if it was yesterday the daay i went to Hollywood Forever and saw your grave…it was just a few days old and seeing your beautiful photo there upset me so much…seein such a beautiful and young lady as yourself and yet knowing you were no longer here alive…but burried…it just seem so unfair to me.God knows why he does things and i believe everything happens for a reason yet to know your not alive makes me wonder…what is the purpose of this tragedy? all that comes up is—God wanted you with him.Till this day i go to the cemetery to visit some of my relatives and your grave…everytime i spend sometime with my sister making you company and blowing you a kiss right before we leave.I will keep on visiting you till God allows me to…today i was watching tv and saw a girl who looked very much like you…it made me think of you.And when your death anniversary is near i remember you.Although i never knew you i wish i did and since the day i first visit you,you have become a part of my life as i see your becoming for many people who never met you.I always wonder how did you die…and felt it was in a car accident..and my feelings were right…i’m sorry dear Inna you went through that…i send you all my love where ever you are and know we all love you….even those who never met you angel.


  31. Inna Segal

    A beautiful young woman. I looked at all her pictures of family and friends. She is now apart of me and my thoughts. She has touched many lives going by the photographs and seeing her laugh when she was wearing the white muscle shirt was my favorite. Thank you for sharing her. God Bless


  32. AN EXPLANATION: What happened to her!

    To those who keep asking what happened to this amazing person, just some brief answers. She died in a collission with an eighteen-wheeler truck. The details are vague and there are more questions than answers, besides that. However it went, she has gone. I just wanted to clarify it wasn’t through any fault of her own – just a horrible tragedy we all live with………


  33. My Poem for you Inna and your loved ones

    A poem I wrote about love
    Home is being in your arms
    and there is no where nearer to heaven that I would be
    Separate me from you – and I would give up
    everything that I am to find you and hold you again
    as long as you love me
    I live just to hold you close
    to breathe you in
    feel the warmth of your skin on my cheek
    as I listen to the gentle rythmn of your heart
    wishing that time would stop
    so that like immortals
    we could live the precious moments without end
    walk the path of life with me a while
    hold my hand tight
    the sands of time run fast
    and if I should be called before you
    keep me in your heart
    as you will be in mine
    with my last breath I shall always be,
    loving you
    and waiting close by
    for the time when you grow tired, old, and weary of life’s fight
    for when we will hold hands again
    and together explore eternity.


  34. o my goodness she looks so inocent and pretty

    wat happened to her how did she die?


  35. hello love

    it’s almost two years now. i love you i miss you so much. 🙂 memories of you always make me smile, thanks for that.


  36. Imma

    I wish I knew her.I do know thatI have Imma as an angel helping me walk better and do little things for myself.

    an old lady

  37. Inna Segal

    She was incredibly beautiful! What a terrible loss. I will be praying for her family and freinds. How did she die?

    Nancy Horner

  38. 9/11

    i think about you everyday, so many moments pass where i wish you could be there with me. simply to just enjoy the days of life. you are the music of my life and your in my soul i can feel it. i love you. we all miss you my love.


  39. love

    inna segal can you believe that someone dies for you, really i fall love for you for the first time that i have seen your image in the website all inall regard me this message and reply for me


  40. just saying hi

    hey beautifull. i pass by your garden, and its still hard to believe you’re there. last time i was there it was a hot day, but as soon as i sat down to talk to you. a breeze just showed up and it wasn’t hot anymore. thank you sweety. thank you for always looking out for all of us. we all love you. my mother, father, and michelle all hug and kiss you.

    arthur shchiglik

  41. Not Fair

    What happened to her?? You shouldn’t just put that she’s dead and she’s 21. That leaves too many questions.


  42. perez

    hola como te sientes inna soy tu angel bb sos muy ermosa


  43. ipray4you



  44. hi my love

    i miss you…your still my best friend, you still play every role in my life. i think about you all the time. everyday.


  45. hello


  46. love

    i still can’t believe that time has gone on without you. your still here with me, i think about you and your there. so fresh in my mind, i remember every little thing. i love you. so much.


  47. Me and my sister always pass through your garden Inna, I’m your same age and i feel so sad when i see your picture and see that your no longer among us.I never knew you in person but atleast i can say that i know that your family and friends must miss you so much cause i know i would.You will forever remain young and beautiful Inna, now you belong in Heaven where all the angeles guide you and take care of you, may your soul rest at peace dear one.


  48. fouad

    bonjour enchonti fammejue chirch contact avic toi spv


  49. 1 year

    i’ve been thinking about you all day. it seems like just yesterday i got the call. you think you have forever, that your friends will always be there no matter what. It never crosses your mind that one day they won’t be there, not because they didn’t want to but because it was their time. Your supposed to grow old with your friends not lose them at 21. Inna, i miss you so much! It still hasn’t sunk in. I love you. I try to talk to you all the time, hoping your listening. I hope and pray everyday that your in peace looking down at us and enjoying this crazy state called life, just as much as you were when you were by our side.

    an old friend who never got to say good-bye

  50. i still don’t know how my life is suppose to go on without you. everyday goes by and i think about you, and i feel like your still with me. i keep your memory with me all the time. i like to talk about you, but no one likes to join in with me. what you did for me is beyond anything i can ever write or speak of. i wish i could talk to you, but i know one day i will. and i can’t wait. i love you. i know your watching over our shoulders, love you love you love you.


  51. i miss you here. but i know your here, i see your face everywhere and i love that. love you forever.


  52. hola q tal


  53. this is one of those days where we would go to the beach to have lunch. it just feels like that today. the perfect weather and the clear skies, driving in your car and the music so loud. i love you. i keep you with me everyday. i hope your having a good time, love you.


  54. Miss you

    I miss you soooooo much… I wish you where here with me and all of us. I speak to you everyday, I know you always hear me.. I love you so much and wish I could hug you. Life is hard without you, you made things so much easier.. I will see you soon, tell Tara I said I love her, cuz she is up there with you.. I LOVE YOU 🙂


  55. hi

    pepe everyday is so hard without you. there is so much we all need you for. i think about you all the time and what i would say, there would be too much. i feel selfish but i can’t believe you were taken away from me like that. you were suppose to be the one. i wanted and needed you to be by my side forever. i hope you can hear me when i talk to you. i love you forever….


  56. hi my love

    i miss you! your still here with me in my heart forever. i still don’t believe it. you will be alive in my life forever though, that’s one thing i know for sure. love you and miss you everyday.


  57. it’s getting harder for me, everyday you feel further away…i needed you then and i need you now. i will always have your words and life in my heart and mind. love you.


  58. our wishes

    This is a message For Sam Segal.
    Dear Sam,
    sorry for my late contacting you for this bad happening to your family.
    I’ve just now realized it was your daughter. I’m very close to you and Bella. I have no phone n. to contact you directly but hope you’ll get this message. Please consider my email address to be in touch with me and if it’s possible send me your direct phone so that we may wish and speak on the phone.
    If you think to come to Sorrento you know you’re always welcome and it’ll be a pleasure for me to see you again.
    Sincerely yours,
    Tony Scala

    Tony Scala

  59. MISSING YOU!!!!!!

    Innachka, my dearest darling. Can’t sleep, can’t work, can’t live without you. my birthday is coming up and all i can think about is that u wont be there. how is it suppose to be without you? i could have a party with just you and i wouldnt need anyone else there. how am i suppose to go and celebrate? how? the pain doesnt get easier! time passes and i guess i’m suppose to learn to deal with it, but if anything it has gotten harder. i messed up so bad the other day – i wanted to tell you something and i picked up the phone and i called you. i called you!! you are not there anymore. you are not here anymore. you mean so much to me – i hope you know that!! i love you beyond any words, beyond any feelings i thought existed. i’ve never felt pain this deep in MY LIFE!! baby, i need you so so so much and you arent here. will the world ever make sense again?

    Zoya aka Zoykin

  60. miss you….i just wanna talk to you. i miss your smile. i can still hear your laugh though. that was too loud to ever leave this world : ). I love you so much. I wish that i could still hug you. I love seeing your family cause i could see your personality in them. it’s so beautiful. Come visit me in my dreams whenever you wish. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN EVER.



    Sweetheart, I ask you to forgive me & my lifestyle. U know that niether heaven nor hell could keep from seeing u. Everytime I look in the mirror or glance at my hip, tears build up & I get a pain deep within my chest because u know I still love u with all of my being. Our lives crossed when I needed u the most, without you showing me another perspective on life. Only you & G-d knows where I would have ended up. I await the day that I see your graciously beautiful smile again. Wherever you’re at baby, SMILE for all of us. I LOVE YOU…


  62. noshin freckles

    i miss you why why why why why why why why i going crazy please forgive me inna i sorry ill see you see


  63. There is not one day passing without thinking of you. I keep hearing your wonderful laugh in my head and it is mostly very comforting to me. You are a beautiful butterfly and you touched so many hearts with your beautiful smile, your generosity towards everyone and many more things you did in your life. It is still very unreal that we can’t see you and hear your voice. But you are in my heart for ever and I know you are still with us.Love you for ever and miss you very much.


  64. Dear Inna: I met you as a little girl and saw how you grew and grew and became a lovely girl. I always enjoyed your help and your lovely smile. We miss you dearly.
    Love Always,
    Rita Macedo

    Rita Macedo

  65. hey....

    i wish you were here with us, we’re in the warehouse packing boxes….it rained today so i remembered us packing last december during christmas time. i miss you. i love you, kiki


  66. hey baby

    hey pepe….lately ive been pretty angry about things, that i cant just talk to you. i hate that. but i know your listening anyway. im playing all your music for you hope your enjoying it. your birthday was beautiful. ive never seen anything so touching like those balloons flying up to the sky to you. still i wish we were partying with you instead. : ( k i love you forever, talk to you soon


  67. LOVE YA! MISS YA!!

    Hi angel! So hard to be without you!! I think about you, all the times we had together, especially towards the end. I replay it all in my mind all the time. Even though it hurts unimaginably to be without you, it feels nice to remember you the way you were. Tomorrow is the day my grandma died. You remember? Remember helping me get through it? I love you and ask that my grandma watch over you up there and may be you can tell her how much I loved her and she can tell you how much I loved you!! I always hope you are both with me! Dreams about you keep on coming. Not one of them, where you aren’t smiling!! One of them we are all there and telling you not to go – begging you not to go, but you say you have to go and you go. Another one, I saw a girl and thought she was you. I chased her and chased her and it wasn’t you, but she was younger and named Inna and she knew all about you. I don’t know anything anymore, but I hope all of this means that a part of you is still with us all and may be G-d will bless us enough to send a part of you back to us one day!! May we be so lucky!! Oh, it would be wonderful to see that sparkle again!! I’ll come see you and my grandma tomorrow. I hope you see me always!! You know everything I do from morning ’til night and even in my sleep, you’re with me in my heart!!!


  68. Pepe, you were and always will be the only permanent best friend i ever will have. You the only one for me.


  69. i miss your face. i feel your energy around me. thank you so much for everything you did for me. i think about you all the time. i love you so much. kiki


  70. Miss You Much

    PePe, I think of you everyday, and as you know I tell you and show you everything on a daily basis. I had a dream about you today, and everyone was in it. You basically gave me a signal that you do hear me and all of us. I know you are here with us, we all feel you in our own ways. Please watch over everyone, and hear how much we LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU. My beautiful angel, I will love you dearly forever and ever. Talk to you soon.


  71. hey, pepe, my love. when i look at your pictures you look so alive to me, so pleased with that moment. they help me live and go back to the moements. every memory with you makes me smile, i can’t think about you without remembering all the smiles and laughs we share. to everyone reading this….i love you all so much, we have all expierenced something that has taken the life out of us. Inna showed how much she loved all of us, and i just want you all to know i feel the same. I hope that everyone is doing well….if anyone wants to call me, feel free. i am here for all of you. I love you, and pepe i miss you and love you forever….


  72. I LOVE YOU!!!

    My darling sweet sweet baby Innachka – always missing you – don’t know how to go on without you! You were family to me and so much more than a friend. You were suppose to tell me who I should marry and be by my side at the wedding. We were going to grow old together and you know you are a part of my life forever. I want to make you proud!! I always think about what you would have wanted me to do. I alaways hope that you knew how much I loved you then and how much I love you still!! I will never meet someone like you – there is no one like you! First time I saw you and later as I got to know you, I always thought you are too good to be true – you were always an angel and everyday of knowing you was a blessing! I pray you are with us all – our immediate and extended families. We want to share our futures with you – our secrets, our joys, our success…Please, watch over all of us and give us strength to do the right things!! Guide us until the day we can see you again, for it cannot come too soon! MISSING YOU EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY – EVERY SINGLE SECOND!!!!!

    Zoya aka Zoykin

  73. i just can’t believe it….everything is empty now. i miss your face so much.


  74. it’s just so unreal. everything about me does not accept that you are gone from my life. i hope you can hear all of us when we talk to you. we are all living without you, but as we do it we are anxiously waiting til the time we are with you again. you were and will be my guide in life forever. i love you.


  75. forever

    Baby, you were and are my sweet sweet sunshine.. Its so hard to live without you, i wish i can hold you tight in my arms. You always put a smile on my face. When I think of life i think of you. I miss your presence and beauty. But i feel you and pray for you.. i will love you forever


  76. MISS YOU

    Gosh, how i miss you so much.. Its just so hard to live knowing you are not around.. You were soo special to me and now your gone.. I never forget you , itake you everywere i go, because now you are my angel.. I will see you soon.. I hope your happy and peacful up there, if your not you better tell me.. I LOVE YOU AND KISS YOU AND HUG YOU… AND MISS YOU O’ SO MUCH MY LIL PEPSI COLA..


  77. pepe, it’s a little over a month now…and it’s getting harder for all of us. We are coming to see you soon, but that’s only physically. In our hearts and minds, we are with you always and forever. I love you always.


  78. missing you...

    a life so beautiful, so young…still hard to grasp the truth. Inna, you are missed by everyone.


  79. Hi....

    All the good I do is for you. You are an inspiration to me like no one is or ever will be. I love you please be happy wherever you are for all of us here.





  81. in my heart

    Innachka, though I knew you so briefly, I felt that I knew you my whole life. You warm a person from within and make him feel comfortable. For that I will never forget you. I would have loved to have gotten to know you better. We all love you dearly, and in us, through our hearts you will live forever.

    Arthur Shchiglik

  82. My prayers are with you

    My name is Kim Ogas. I was jewelry shopping, But as the man upstairs would have it I ended up here on this website.I have shared tragedies recently and had fallen into a bout of depression. I guess what I am trying to say is Inna’s Lifestory Video was absolutely breath taking not to mention I believe a blessing,Perhaps from Inna or our father above. Her life touched mine, a true gift in my heart. I pray for all reading this that you find and help others find the gift in her tragic passing. My many prayers and love go out to everyone who had the priveledge of embracing such an amazing young lady. GOD BLESS

    Kim Ogas

  83. missing you....

    I can’t stop thinking about you. I wish you were still here with us. My heart aches everytime I picture your beautiful face. My future is incomplete without you. I love you forever.


  84. To My Love

    Pepe, You will always remain my guide in life. You were in my life everyday and everyday I will think of you and miss you. I love you so much, I would do anything to hold you tight. Our memories are happy. Thank you for being so genorous and enlighting. You are the light of my life.
    – Kiki

    Kira Muchnik

  85. To my beloved cousin

    Her life was beautiful and so was she. She will always remain in my heart and mind. She brought me joy, laughter, comfort, support, and love. My love will go on for her for etnernity.

    From a soul that will never forget

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