Helena Aitasalo

1969 - 2000


  1. Helena, my roommate in San Diego

    Helena, I finally found you here after so many years of no news… I was so shocked and lost my words.
    You were my roommate of language college in San Diego when you were 18 years old. We had so much time spent together, laughed together.
    Helena,You were so beautiful, young, often smiling but I know you were also sad in deep mind and looking for a real love.
    R.I.P. Helena.
    I miss you, my friend.


  2. Childhood friend of Helena

    Please can anybody let me know what happened to Helena.Imso sad to hear that she died so young .

    Tiina Celentano

  3. What happened to Helena?I just find out about her passing.19 years been wondering where she is.We we’re friends when i lived in nyc and she went to canada and never saw her again.We had so much fun times together.I cant believe She died so young .If anyone sees this please let me know .

    Tiina Celentano

  4. Helena

    Helena’s vibrant spirit shines through in this wonderful tribute. I’m sure she was a joy to all who knew her !


  5. What a lovely tribute to Helena


  6. you were so young and beautiful, as aangel that fell from heaven and later
    summoned back to your cloud.


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