Hazel Colbert

1920 - 2005


  1. happy Mothers Day

    I Love you with all my heart. Thank you for all the years you put-up with me and supported me un-conditionally. Missing you Mother! Happy Mother’s Day Your Loving son Alton Jr.


  2. I miss you

    Jan. 2006 Mother just sitting here thinking of you and dad, Kay, Allonia, Meechie. How I miss you guys. I’m bless to be able to write this message after all that God has delivered me from and through. I never had the chance to say thank you for all your prayers for me. You showed me how to pray and ask God to interrupt a persons life style if they were going against the will of God. Well Moms I’ve been using that same prayer for my children and friends and God is drawing them to himself. I’m really sorry for all the time that I didn’t spend with you, but thank you for letting me and Sharon be a part of your life in these last two years. It has been wonderful! I know your alright because to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord of Glory. Jannika lost Tanesha her daughter last night, but I know she is there with you, Daddy,Kay, Allonia, Almentria so please rejoice to know that God wanted her to be right there with you’ll. Because he knows everything from past to the future we can’t stop trusting in his wisdom. So we thank God for the time Tanesha was here with us but Father wanted her there with Him and you’all . See you when We get there. Love Alton and Sharon Colbert.


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