Harold Savoy

1941 - 2003


  1. Happy Birthday Pop !!!! Xoxo

    Thinking of you on your special day 🎂missing you to da max! 1❤️ Salina

    Salina SaVoy

  2. Happy Birthday Pop!!! xoxo

    Thinking of you on your special day 🎂 miss ya to da max! 1❤️Salina

    Salina SaVoy

  3. Daughter Salina SaVoy

    Happy New Year Pop !! Miss ya so much until we meet again … Your only Daughter Salina SaVoy

    Salina SaVoy

  4. Birthday Boy

    Happy Birthday Pop!! I miss you:)~sa


  5. Miss u much

    Hey Pop, been a ruff yr. just wanted to shout out. I love & miss you deepy.. rest in peace xoxoxo

    Salina SaVoy

  6. Missing u so..

    Wow Pop:( I can’t stop think @ you today..I’m going to be 40 in a couple of wks. & I was expecting us to go to Belize, this was our yr.ya know?.. I miss you so. Everytime I review your tribute I ask myself why you havn’t come to visit me or called.. then I realize it’s just a tribute. I luv u & miss u so much:( See ya on Father’s Day! Give PB & Kisses oxoxo:)~sa

    Your daughter Salina

  7. Sweet Dreams:(Aaron Mackey 4-06

    Pop today I need you to hug Aaron for Raquel & I.
    Aaron.. can you hear me?? We luv you til we meet again…your smiling pride I can never forget:)
    Pop I wish you had a cell phone lol:)~sa
    Miss u….both



    Happy Birthday to you..Happy Birthday to you..Happy Birthday to you..Happy Birthday to you..Happy Birthday to you..I hope your having your cake N eating it too lol…:)~ Much luv Pop, I miss u so…:)~sa

    Salina SaVoy

  9. Season's Greetings Pop!!

    KUNG HEY FAT CHOI! Send me a parade vision huh…lol it I’ll bet you get the best seat. I know how you love the Chinese New Year. I love and miss you dearly see ya on your B-day!:)~sa

    Salina SaVoy

  10. Happy Thanksgiving...Pop

    Happy Turkey Pop! I bet you folks get the best turkies gbble gbble…lol I miss these ole’ ph. calls:( I still miss you daily. I’ve got the picture of us on my fridge that’s in this slide show. What a priceless piture I love it.
    Till we meet again Pop…I’ll check back in on X-Mas. I luv u:)~sa


  11. Happy Halloween POP!!

    Sure miss the good ole’days…I luv u:)~sa

    Your daughter Salina

  12. Happy Fathers Day POP!!!

    You are so missed Pop, Happy Father’s Day & please give my luv to Grandpa Fred:)~sa


  13. Be~lated Birthday

    Happy Be~lated Birthday Pop…!I miss and love you so much.

    Your daughter Salina

  14. Happy New Years!

    Season’s Greetings Pop wishing you where here to share in the New Year!

    Salina SaVoy

  15. Unforgettable

    WOW!It’s so hard to believe that you’ve been gone a whole year today. This Father’s day was tough Pop,I’m sorry:( I really would have preferred sending you a card along with usual call. Your tribute is really neat, too bad they don’t have the cool pic’s. I’m going to try to get them scanned for us so the world can view you as I remember. The Network still hasn’t corrected your name either, I have sent them several emails BUT no one reads their emails on this site. Harold A. SaVoy Sr. is what it should read so at the very least all can view your name correctly on in this message lol… I wonder if Uncle Bradley knows you’ve passed on? Maybe someday..:( I know you must regularly visit him in Honduras now? Please help him find his way back to me in Cali… I really would love to start our family tree with some true roots. I was really looking forward to our trip their someday, I’ll just have to hope that someday Uncle Bradley stumbles accross this website and looks me up. Pop I miss you so much.. I share our memories daily, I still have my mustard seed and I never lost my faith:)You are not forgotten… I will always love you Salina SaVoy:)~sa

    Your Daughter

  16. Happy Birthday & Valentines Day Pop:)

    Pop, I think of you daily & miss you so much. How @ a late night call huh…lol…yeah well, I still have the faith of the grain of mustard seed you gave me when I was 7 :)~sa

    Your 1 & only daughter Salina SaVoy

  17. USMC

    Semper Fidelis

    Al Hawkins

  18. My Best Friend & Pop

    You will be missed:)~sa


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