Harold and Anna Goldfarb


  1. May Jehovah be with all of you at this time…with much love from my heart… and always in my prayers 💖💖💖Chrissy Inai

    Chrissy Inai

  2. Friend

    I remember fondly time at the Goldfarb home. Harold was always welcoming and caring. I was thrilled when I heard he started studying and attending meetings. Even though he was not a Witness in the beginning he still contributed to his beautiful family.
    I hope to greet him when he comes out of “the underground tunnel” in Paradise.
    Much love to the Goldfarb family

    Lydia Chavez

  3. Friend of the Family

    Poppi Hesh…you will be missed by many people who you loved with all your heart and who returned the love back to you. I’m glad I had the privilege to know you and your family, especially your beautiful Anna. What a gem she is! Can’t wait to see you again in paradise.

    Sending all my love and prayers to the Goldfarb family.

    Stacy Schilling

  4. 👴🏻➡️👨🏻

    Beautiful memories, beautiful man.

    🎶 Jehovah will call, Papi Hesh will answer….and we will live forever as the work of His own hands.🎶

    Soon, very soon, we look forward to watching this amazing reunion. Until then, we will cherish our memories of kind hearted, loving man.💕

    Darrin & Ruthie Hilaiel

  5. Friend

    Hesh, great provider for his family. Faithful friend. We had some good moments together. Fishing in Mexico, talking with him about our creator Jehovah.

    We talked about our families together and some experiences we’ve had.

    Anna & Hesh set a great example of a dedicated lasting marriage for all of us.

    John B McHaney

  6. Wonderful pictures of a beautiful family across generations. I know Papa Goldfarb was so proud of his family. The audio expressions are just priceless. Looking forward to seeing him again! Thanks for sharing these fine memories.

    Clayborne Roberts

  7. Fishing with my Pop

    We’ll Pop, I am so glad you did not suffer. Very soon we will go fishing again, and do not worry about Mom. We will take care of her! Love you and we will miss you. I will keep all your fishing tackle and will not let Mom throw it out.

    Love, your son!


    Steve Goldfarb

  8. Close Friend & Spiritual Brother

    Harold and Ann I was always made so welcomed by you whenever we had the time to be together. You always made me feel part of the family. I look forward to enjoying those same times again in a much better world!

    Bill parodi

  9. Fish on!

    One of my favorite experience with Hesh was fishing in Washington. 4:30am , freezing cold, dark and as we floated through the mist we kept hearing “isn’t this beautiful!” You are beautiful Hesh and I can’t wait to see you in Paradise!

    Todd Hall

  10. I recall fond memories of our chats at your house. It was a pleasure to know you and call you a close friend. I await the next time we meet and be in your company in excellent health…both you and me.

    Gerry Vidal

  11. “Thanks for the memories”

    The multi-generational love of the Goldfarb family is truly memorable.

    Thank you for sharing.



  12. Beautiful. Going to miss you Hesh always a pleasure and words of wisdom from you.
    A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short.

    Royce Porkert

  13. Oh I love this,very nice.

    Gina Alexander

  14. What a heartwarming story of two wonderful people, who had such a happy and delightful life together. And children, grandchildren, as well as great grandchildren who will treasure them always!

    Steve Catalano

  15. Beautiful summary of a precious life. Thank you

    Bill and Mary Hawley

  16. We will me you Dad!

    We will miss you Dad! Love you very much and will take care of mom in the meantime.

    David Goldfarb

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