Grace Johannessen

1901 - 2000


A true Easterner, traveler of the West. Born in Jersy City. N.J., of a musical family.
At ten years of age played piano with a 4-piece band (or orchestra) for small wedding party.
First job was playing in small stationary store selling books, sheet music, records, etc. On Saturday nights played piano (was 14 years old), Jersey City, N.J.
Played for silent movie theatre in Jeresy City, N.J., at 15 years.
Did some singing on radio with banjo player (accompany) 1928.
Pianist for singers at night club in Ocean Parkway, Coney Island, Brooklyn, N.Y., 1930.
At a department store in Harlem played for singers, and for music publishers plugging their songs, Lennox Avenue, Harlem, N.Y.C. Also sang through mike in store at Music Department; 1935 played in amateur shows, received $300.
Had also played on Radio Station WKBO WAAT, Jersey City, N.J. Recorded own records, sing and play piano.
Entertained patients in Hospital, Jersey City, Medical Center. Pianist in night club, Duffy’s Tavern and Restaurant, New York City.
Entertained the service men, USO, Jersey City, N.J., for 2 years, World War #2.
Also at Bayonne, N.J., USO played piano for 150 sailors from the ship “THE WASP,” and at Hollywood and Oakland, Calif. , played at USO.
Entertain the sick patients at Veterans Hospital in Oakland, Calif., in 1959.
Played at Hotel Claridge, Oakland, Calif., for retired people at tea time from 2 until 4 P.M., 1959.


Played piano for USO year 1943, at the Jersey City USO center. We had many good times at the center. And I enjoyed their favorite songs. So many boys in the Services from all over the states during the War. They were so happy sure did enjoy the music, as Charles Heyden was our good Drumer and I was pianist accompanying him. Girl singer + Dancer entertained them every week. Was wonderful times had every saturday nights until 11 o’clock. We always ended up with song. “Let Me Call You Sweetheart. I am glad I did entertained and help out in this war of 1943. Mrs E Doane, Saturday night hostess, Miss MAry Sullivan Dance Hostess, Grace Johansen Pianist + Charles Heyden the Drumer

Grace Johansen
Jersey City, N.J.


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