Gonzalo Calderon

1935 - 2002


  1. what you are

    PleasntAlways responsible
    Always working
    Beautiful person
    Understood many things
    Excellent worker
    Loving grandfather
    One and only Papabuelo

    andy your grand daughter

  2. Message to my brother

    Gonzalo: My heart is broken because I can’t see you and call you when I need to. I miss you so much and it hurts me deeply to know how much you were suffering and we didn’t know the extent of your pain. You know we love you very much and we admire your talents, your tireless effort to keep going and always facing new challenges, you were a fighter with a tender heart. We know you touched many people with your voice, your intellect, your honesty. your sincerity, your true friendship and your constant desire to help and participate in helping others.
    I don’t say farewell because you live in each one of us.I see you with the eyes of my heart. I know Our Dear Lord called you to rest, to mitigate the pain this world brings to us and you answer to His Call “COME TO ME ALL OF YOU WHO ARE TIRED AND I WILL GIVE YOU REST.” I hope you feel wonderful and fulfilled, after all your hard work, and all the love you gave. Maybe God needed you there to start a project, He picked the right person. Now you know more than ever how much we love you.

    Yolanda Calderon

  3. My Father

    For your wisdom, your love, your strength, your character, for all that you meant in my life, I will forever be grateful. You are my inspiration, my hero, my love. I will miss you immensely and forever hold you in my heart.

    Julie Calderon

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