Ginger Gay Tucker-Horne



  1. Tucker

    Miss you Auntie 🖤


  2. Still thinking of You & Miss You

    Dec 5th 2011 was the day you left, went away and I miss talking to you and laughing. Rest In Peace.

    Gloria Williams

  3. When I first met Ginger

    Meeting Ginger for the first time was like being introduced to someone that you have known for your whole life. Although we had only heard of each other in passing conversations with Michael, Ardienette and my mom, Ginger treated me, my wife and kids as family, and as long lost friends.
    During our first meeting, I remember thinking, I know Ginger, she is so familiar. I kept trying to put my finger on it because her familiarity seemed to be much more than the immediate warmth she showered on us. There was something special about her, something recognizable, a quality that was not common but somehow familiar.
    Eventually I began to understand, she was one of those rare people who had the capacity to love others, be true too herself and open her heart to the world. The familiarity came from slightly guarded versions of this that I recognized in Michael and my mom. All of them had big hearts, and an enormous capacity to love. Ginger just seemed to be able to share hers without any hesitation.

    Marty Crippen

  4. Remembering You

    Only met you one time but that was sufficient to implant the memory of your beautiful smile and your great personality.


  5. Ginger

    I’m shocked to hear that your really gone. There are so many memories I have of you and Sedale, all the stories you would tell us but most of all your smile. You can smile and the entire room would light up. Tequila Berryhill-Edwards


  6. Ginger Gay

    Our mother gave you the right monicher, “Ginger Gay,” = a person full of life and gaiety, and a heart so big for your 4’10-1/2″ stature that it brought joy to all who knew you.G-G, you will not be forgotten. We will make sure all is well. Margaret Rose

    Margaret Rose Tucker

  7. Your Unending Life Story

    Ginger: Your life has begun in another dimension. You are now worry/pain free. Your life story will be continual, and will be told by those who knew and loved you, so that those who did not know you will get a glimpse of the beautiful person that you were. MAY YOU REST IN PEACE.

    Pat Holmes

  8. Finish your life story

    Sister we will help finish your life story. I know you were rewriting it before you with to heaven. Love, Tickey

    Ardienette Tucker

  9. Sorry: I now know who the people in the pictures are. I did not go through the whole package when I sent you the first email. Like I said, nice pictures. Bye

    Patricia Holmes


    I really like your website, but I do not have the nerve to do that yet. However, I especially like the pictures. Who are those people in picture with you? Good luck!

    Patricia Holmes

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