George Alexander Monroy

1979 - 2005


  1. Frau

    Hallo George, leider habe ich Dich nicht mehr kennengelernt da ich in Deutschland lebe, aber ich habe deine Geschichte bei Youtube gesehen und bin sehr traurig was dir passiert ist Ruhe in Frieden mein Lieber Freund. Ich bete für Dich und für Deinen Bruder Eddy, es tut mir so leid es ist so schrecklich. In ewigen Gedenken an dich und Eddy. Beate Hernandez

    Beate Hernandez

  2. baby

    hey george i miss u today more then ever because it is mothers day i gave your mom a frame and a card just reminding her of how much u and eddy loved her george she also told me that when it came to mothers day u had the hardest time trying to buy me something because u wanted it to be very special well let me tell u one thing u gave me the best thing one any mother can ask for u gave me my son and more love i could ask for the one long that u can really know just to have had ur touch and u love thats all i’ll ever need ur where my all my george the one person can never stop loving i hated u at a point because we where going threw to much and we where young and did not know how to deal with it my spikey no matter what or where u are at i will always love u like no one. i was blessed to have called u mine


  3. George

    hi george i has been along time since i have wroten to you but i have been really busy with my babies george jacob is so big know but he is all you from his smile to your personality he is my pride and joy i know he is yours to. george i an so sorry but i can’t get over the fact you are not here i miss you so much i love you so much i feel like i can’t love now one like i loved you because till this day you are my love my husband regardless what people say my george the father of my son.. belive me i talk to jacob about you i don’t want him to ever forget about you your where a good man and a good dad and he will always know you where his pride and joy the one thing to live for i love you george please look after our son from heaven please also ur grandmother is there with u and eddy please let them know they are missed and your mom misses you guys and loves u guys with her all by mi am0r te amo por toda la vida


  4. hello daddy

    hi george it is me once again it has been a while since i’ve wroten to u well i miss u alot and i think about u all the time well first of all our baby boy is getting big he looks like u every day more & more he is such a cutie my baby well for one his has ur million dollar smile and love to give don’t worry about him he is fine thanks to u and to ur mom & dad As wel i do what i can but george my spikey i know u are here in spirt i feel u and i know jacob does to he gets a lil scared he just doesn’t understand but he will always now who is dad was and all the love u had for me him i will tell him about the day he was born and that smile & the shine in ur eyes when u first saw him george i love u for all the good u gave me but we are the only ones that new why we could not be together besides ur mom but don’t hold that against her she was doing for the well being of her grandson and for ours ok well tell eddy i said hi and jacob sends his love to u both espically his daddy


  5. hola mi amor

    funny today is ur birtday u are turning 28 today i george what can i say but i miss u evry day i talk about u all the time good and bad times but no mater what i have never regreed the day i meet u it was funny cause julie asked u to dance with me and u looked at me and then from there thats where are story started i george i wish i could she u one last time just to tell u every thing that i have in my heart only if words could bring u back george happy birthday and i love u more then u will ever now i was thinking why with u i can real ever feel loved was that are bond and then we had jacob my son the best thing in the world funny that my child of love i remember excatly that day he was concieved on 2-14-03 u where mad at me but when we made up look what happend he was our destiny i love u george my george no questions asked by the way i think ur mom and ur son are going to go visit u


  6. hey

    hey george what can i say to u i think of u all the time and i really miss u it is funny after so long i can’t foget u know it feels as if the tables have turned i look at jacob and i can;t bare to not think or miss u jacob looks lke u everydy more and more ur mom is ok she loves jacob with every drop of blood and with every love that u would and eddy would of gave him i knw that u guys take care of hi but am soory i never really gave u the chance to be with ur son please forgive me but i always did what was best for him sorr george please remember no matter what we wil always be together i love u


  7. hey my love

    hey george it has been a while since i have wrote to u i don’t understand why u are in my head all day and every day it is hard to believe u are gone and that i will never see u again george george what can saw i went with ur mom jacob damulet and my taty to see u and eddy on monday but funny that i could not talk to u or saw what i really wanted because tey where all there so this is my wy to tell u what i feel look george honestly i know that taty is not urs but i wish see was for so many reason but i guess ur son really loves here more then u know that his baby girl but look george i real wish u were here to scream and tell me everything again cause i miss u more then words can ever express but i can not forget everything that we went threw but listen there is something that ur mom said that once when someone passes away they lose their memory but i hope it is not true then my question how do u becme my sons angel or how do u know that i was ur wife the love of ur life but regardless u r always my love and the best thing life has giving me

    ur love

  8. hey

    hey there u probly know whats up better then me, i am lost for words at this moment i don’t know what to say anymore only that i miss u so much i don’t understand why life can be so wrong and how blind i was not to see what i had in front of me why why did u have to change so much why couldn’t u be the george that i had first meet the one that i devoted my everything to the one that i could not live with out why george am sorry i know this is wrong of me u where always the one i counted on to catch me when i was down u where the one that made me strong u made me who i am today mi vida mi todo geroge well so far your son is getting bigger and cutier he has ur looks thank god he is the biggest part of u oh yeah thanku for choosing me to have him but u alwasy new i was going to be that girl hahha i love u


  9. hello

    hola como estas, funny i don’t now any other way to start this message. but because of this i feel akward, guess what jacob is being so hard headed e doesn’t want to go the potty i don’t even know what to do any more so that he can go but i guess he will go at his own time george george why is life this way u get out of one problem to get in another i feel like am going crazy i miss u alot i don’t forget u but in a way i feel like am making peace that u are in a better place like i let u rest because i know that me bringing u up all the time probly makes ur ears ring but i have found my self not thinking of u as much but don’t get me wrong i carry u in my wallet since the day we meet well i’ll wrie back soon enough love you


  10. hi

    george hello there what can i say that i write to u expcting something in return i don’t know even know anymore what to expect but i just do akward it has been about a year and a half already since u have been gone i don’t understand why things happen this way i talk about alot ur millon dollar smile and all the carzy things that we did except for certain things those are for me to keep but a fin know henry named his son after u alexander haha he didn’t now that jacob carried your name as well but george it is about to be x-mas already i remember our first x=mas with jacob u brought home a puppy u are so crazy but i remember it like it wa yesterday i hoping to hear our song by the eagles george guess what i found in my drower i found your wooden name that we got from magic mountain so that name is about five years old but way before we had jocob if u could only see jacob he looks like u and eddy more and more my son will always be the best thing that u have gaven to me so thank u for all and i love u regardless of what people could ever say no ones my heart like i do te amo more then what words could say


  11. hey george

    hey george it’s the 28th ow well as yu know your sons b-day was sat he turned 3 he is getting so big now what can i say for the first time it was a nice day i think u had something to do with that hey u know that henry and bosco look after jacob for u funny cause bosco has always been a good freind to well i’ll be writting back to u love u


  12. hey

    hey u well today is the day of the died but makes no difference to u right nothig changes that but george i am sorry i have not went to see u when i try i feel like something doesn’t let me am not sure if it’s me not trying to face reality that u are no longer here i remember the day your mom called me that u where killed for some reason my phone was off so i didn’t bother simply because i never turn off my phone anyways that early morning your mom kept calling and so did my sister so that morning when i woke up i checked my phone and i had all these missed calls and all these voice mails of my sister and your mom telling me to call them back i didn’t have an idea of what happened but i called my sister needing to now what was the emergency and then she started to ask all these questions how was i feeling where was jacob if i was standng so i could sit down akward questions but her voice was sad so then i asked what is wrong what happened and she asked if had talked to your mom i said no she said that i needed to talk to her i was like ok but then she said george is died i said what i thought she was talking about eddy u no i couldn’t belive it so i said what happened or who then she said george was killed i said tanya stop lieing to me not my geroge but who and stop playing that is fucked up pleaase stop playing that isn’t cool she said am serious i said my george it not true then my mom got on the phone she said am sorry i said no that is a lie she said am sorry i said when or what happened then she said she didn’t know what happened but form there she kept on saying sorry but i couldn’t belive it then it hit me it might be true i cried not know ing what to say or i would say to jacob do u know ti; this day i do not know what to tell my son when he gets older but george i will ot lie i have not been able to let u go part of me belives that u are still here with us george i have always loved u u where m first love and the one honest love i had in my life the type of love peole look for all their lifes and i found it with u


  13. hey u

    hey like the lil aka i gave myself george what can i say jacob went to magic moutain with ur mom yesterday it was holloween haha funny it was 2 years excatly fom the last time we where together i miss u so much and i can not stop telling u how sorry i am i miss u so much and never stopped loving u

    baby mama

  14. hey u spikey

    hey stranger it;s been a while honestly i can’t talk to any one about the way i feel about u not being here i look at jacob and all i think of is how much he looks like u more and more heorge i can’t stop to wonder what if we would of got back together would u still be alive, would my son have is father would your family be happy because what i have came to realxe the pain your mom suffer to know that u and eddy are gone for one u call a women that losse her husband a widow a child that loses it’s parents a bastered but what do u call a mom that loses her kids there is no name the pain is to great to give it a title but i can’t say or do anything to cahnge the past but i wish i could bring u back i rember he day we first meet i was dressed like alil school girl u where walking around with u great big smile and then julie when up to u and asked u if u would lk to dance with me and that is where it all started i lie and told u i was about to years older then i was hhah but then i told u the truth we exchanged numbers i actually recieved a page from u and that was right after the club and i called i was so excited but i honestly what came over me that i new u would be mine i thought we wouldn’t last not to get married or have a kid but we did those memories i cherish and if jacob ever wants to know how we meet i will tell im everything all the great times and our lil adventres just some are mne to keep hidden those we know are very personal but i love u and am so sorry for everything please george just come back to me am a fool to not of fighted for us love like ours comes once i a life time and u where my million dollar man

    me u know who

  15. hey how is it

    hey george what can i say but these past days have been harder then most because not only u are not here to scram talk shit simply u are not here any more now it’s like any ones love it’s not true because no matter what when i ever i felt that way i always new i had your love your love was honest the love that every one wishes to have and i had u but what did i do am soory because now ur not here and u took a part of me with u i hope that look in your pocket and tell me what u see it’s part of my weeding ring it’s your half now i have my half and i will always take care of it because it’s u, well what can i say just these days i have had alot of flashbacks from the first day we meet at the boom for some reason i know that it was on the 27 of this month that is probly why i have been remind of u so much but one thing thank for the best memories i have evr had wth some one but geaorge u left me with something great to tell our son everyday he looks more and more like u he’s a angel good geroge he is your living reflection i promise to take care of him with my all that my baby boy i klove him more then anything in this world he is u but george u would be proudof him george i need u please help me i love u


  16. hey u

    hey george it’s me i really wish u would be here to help me i am going crazy with these kids here i need u tell me what to do or something it is getting harder by the day with them jacob is getting bigger and becoming more bad by the moment he doesn’t listen tatyana is like her brother she wants to do everything like him is thinks she is big god george wht do i do i am loosing it and whats so funny to me with u i never stopped loving u but i let go because i didn’t want to be one of thise girls that gets hit and is ok with it i couldn’t pt jacob threw it or my self i thought me leaving u was the best thing to do buti gues it really wasn’t and am sorry but now i am not even happy or i can’t find it because no matter what i compare them to u in the end when u use to buy toys after work from big lots i don’t know whats wrong with me just send me a sign or a bottle with some strength or a bottle of love i don’t even now anymore anything to help or to even start trusting people that not everyone is lieing or cheating but my strength to hold on to what i have are my kids they are what i have left or what ever was pure from the lov they or u once had for me i jus need u to now what i feel

    yours truly

  17. hello spikey

    hello well what can i say that u might not already now but by now u know u have a good friend up there with u or at least on his way up already well roman was shot on the aug 19 and in a comma for almost a month and on tuesday the actualy disconnected him so i really don’t know how that works but u know how are u and eddy funny i wish u could send me an ansewr or just a signal haha i talk to u on here more then i did in person, i really don’t know what bto say anymore but in a way i wish i would of had a chance to sa good bye just if u could of held on foe a few minutes or days i don’t know but just hoped but may u jus gave up cause u felt like u didn’t ave anything to fight for but u did u had jacob and ur family and deep down inside u new if u ever needed me i would be there what can i say but i love u and i tink of u all the time jacob god knows he looks like u more and more and has eddie’s attidue but from up there u need to help me control him don’t get mad but i know u see everyhing from up there so u know i have a baby girl named tatyana and am with her dad and u known about him since the longest from the time u took my cell phone from me at the club and u asked about him well u know that i wouldnt let anyone hurt jacob but just know that he loves your son and that is something that u would be cool with cause your mom nows him and there are going to baptise my daughter but regardless of that just know i will always do the best for our son ok love you write talk to u later


  18. i wish i could say how sorry i am

    hi george it’s been a month sine i have not wroe bt what can i say that ou do’t already know, i miss you and i wish things could of have been different sometimes i think just what if your brother would of past a way first(eddy not in a bad way )would that of ave brought of closer or something i don’t know i drive my self crazy of thinking things to make up for the what if’s george i ask you for a sign just let me now your here i just want to see that milllion dollar smile one last time it’s about to be a ear that you have been gone i know we weren’t close but at least you where for me and always would be i miss you and please don’t hate me i was young and stupid and i lost you……george in about 11 mins it wil e an year that you have passed away and i stil can’t believe your not here i miss you my spikey remember hotel california


  19. need u more then ver

    hey george it’s me i know i don’t have he rigt to ask you for anything for all the reasons in the world but if you are out there and are looking at all the messages this one is important to me an especially your family damulet needs her big brohers looking down at her see has been threw alot this past year but at this moment she will be getting operated just make sure she comes out good please i love her like my lil sis and i promised you that i will always be here for her, so please help, and give your parents the strength they need george i am not asking you for me but for them please and thank you i love you i never stopped i just let time pull us far apart


  20. hello

    hey you, i now it’s foolish of me writting but what can i say i really miss you there are days that i blame my self for the things that happened to you george i never thought i ould iss your calls and your screams bu what i miss more is your smile all i have to remember you buy actually it’s like having you in person looking at jacob he ha your smile and your face i let your mom take him often because i know she needs him o stop the pain, george if there would be something anything to help your mom from feeling so much pain i would do whatever it takes she knows no matter what we will always be here for her and the rest of the fam. tell said hi and you guys are missed and loved and you are always in my heart and dreams please now i love you and there will never be a love like ours no matter what happens because you where the one and first one to truly have me in every way like when i use to sneek out of my house with julie to go to the movies or to the club in the bug funny those where real good times remember the batroom at lori’s old hous good memoys that’s where it all begun are misson never stopped until jacob came and we slowed down or basically thats when life happened i love you please send me a sign


  21. hi papi

    hello it’s me writting to you behalf of our son well what can i say but this lil boy drives me crazy at times but at the end of the day it is always something new with him well my question to you is that if you had anything to do with to white doves comming to jacob because today those birds where ou side with him and they wouldn’t leave he too pictures with them until his bad ass threw them his shoe and then they left. it was two of them you and eddy probly came to check up on him. or just me wanting to have apart of you close to us well sometimes i don’t know what to think anymore but miss you and our misses you will always love you and god e looks like you more and more just with eddy attitude i have fix that lil by lil or hopefuly when he stars school.
    love you jacob and melanie


  22. hello

    hey george it’s me probly the last person you would of tought of writting to you god well what can i say that you don’t already know for one i know that you are taking care of your son from up there and thats good because your son will never forget you, your mom and i will make sure that he will always now about that great smile you had that no matter what with one smile you could light up the darkest room and you know what your son is looking like you more and more ever day from his ugly toe nail and to the top of his head it’s funny because i am potty traning him and he will not tell me when he wants to go but he’ll tell me when he finished doing # 2 am telling yu that lil boy has issues and he is such a clown and now he is going through this stage where all he does is bite, god i wish you where here to she all this instead of writting it so like that he could bite you hahaha those teeth of his do hurt, but guess what i can never seem to stop thinking of to me thats weired but one thing that i have not said to you or really told any one is that wit you know i have alil girl right her name tatyana ok but any ways i don’t no why but a part of me feels so much closer to jacob then my lil girl some one told me once that it was a nnatural eeling because jacob was made with alot of love and that we onced loved each other regardless of others, and that is true because you were my first and true love and how can i thank you for showing me the true meaning of love. but yeah but i love my kids with my all but i guess am more attached to jacob he’s ours and nothing can change that and because your mom still takes him so i get to miss him but yeah life is weired like they say you never know what you had until you lost them and that is what happened to us because no matter what you never stopped loving me uncondittonaly i thank you for always seeing the best part of me george george i love you so much and sometimes i hate the fact that you are not here calling me screaming telling me things that are wrong but loving me i love you so much and we miss you jacob alexander loves his daddy george alexander monroy



    Hey ALEX, HEY BIG BROTHER! how are you doing??wow time gone so by quickly and there never a time where i cant stop thinking about you and EDDY..HAPPY bIG BROTHER! I wish you could have been here to see your SON JACOB!! he is growing fast and reminds me so much like you things that he does that you would also do. THINGS here have not been the same without you and eddy. ME and damillet and jacob and mom and dad we all love you and eddy ALOT and that you and eddy will always be in our hearts. But i miss you ALOT and EDDY AS WELL..i wish there was anything i could have done anything from preventing you from leaving that day well you always will be my big brother NO MATTER WHAT and that take care of EDDY…dont worry about jacob he has ME and DAMILLET AND MOM AND DAD AND MELAine that LOVE HIM AND ALOT and will support him 100% well big brother all i can say i MISS YOU AND EDDY and i love you both you guys will always be in my heart and i will NEVER STOP thinking about you guys love you and EDDY…LOVE YOUR TRULY YOUR BROTHER,


  24. missing you more then what i thought

    george what i can i say am sorry for everything that had ever said or done but deep down inside i never told you how i felt the day we got married i was so scared that you weren’t going to be there waiting for me but you where i was so happy but then jacob came and the day i was about to have him it was like you were waiting for him to come out more then i was but then it was all worth it because no matter whatever happened with us you where always the love of my life if we could of talked instead of always screaming probly we could of haved a third or fourth chance. but always no that your baby boy jacob will always now that you love him with your everything and so do we i love you and i never stopped and i think i never will no matter what you gave the best thing in the world and there are no words to say how much that means to me. melanie

    melanie and jacob

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