Flora Caviness


  1. Gramma

    7 yrs Now that my grandmother has been gone now……although in all reality she’s been kinda gone before the passing of my parents even due to the forgetfulness but she came in and out of it at times. She still held pretty good conversation with us and knew who we were, She just acted up by giving everybody a hard time and that’s when she “acted” like she didn’t KNOW ANYTHING is when it was time to take her medication haha….but Overall she was A Good Grandmother to me and my brother’s. She sure spoiled us when we were kids and all the way up to the end until she started going senile and losing her mental state memory wise. I gotta give it to her she was good to us and Loved us to the Max she would do ANYTHING We asked and I mean ANTHING Lol! I ♡ You Gramma……Hope I See You Again One Day!


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