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  1. Mr Jamison

    WOW! These recordings are amazing. Wonderful history. Blessings, Lloyd


  2. A Message to my Father.

    Though it has been said “history repeats itself,” this cliche’ does not hold true in regards to memories such as these. Someone, somewhere, needs to hear the story of an African American male who worked on a farm as a child, picked cotton, raised pigs, ducks and every kind of farm animal imaginable, became educated, served in the military for a country that totally rejected him and continued to consider him less than a man as he returned, but still perservered to accomplish his dreams and aspirations in life despite the odds. Knowledge is empowerment, especially for African Americans. Our true history has been suppressed so that we could continually feel as if we are a “displaced people!” Someone has to fill in the blanks. What better person for this task than you. To see where you came from and where you are now, is truly amazing. If you can do it, anyone can – your children, your children’s children and your children’s children’s children…. and on and on. God bless you and thank you for sharing your memories.

    Bobette Jamison-Harrison

  3. Hi

    Hi, Hey da fee what’s going on? Im doing good up here in palmdale. I just wanted to leave a message for you so you would know I looked at your page. Well I got to go talk to you later. Tell me when you read this. You can also write to me if you have a e-mail address at supersport2g@hotmail.com
    Julian 7/19/00

    Grandson Julian

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