Everett Edwin McLaughlin

1891 - 1952

Everett Edwin McLaughlin was born in Downey, California, the first son of George and Bessie McLaughlin; his sisters were Hazel and Carroll. His mother played the piano; he spoke Spanish at age five. He lived in Downey a short while, then moved to the McLaughlin Ranch in Culver City.

He learned to play violin, drums, and piano; then learned to play the love of his life, woodwinds. Sax, clarinet, etc.: making a name for himself, he worked with the Paul Whiteman Band and Max Fisher, playing sax and clarinet. Later, he and a partner owned a music store in downtown Los Angeles, at Sixth and Hill Streets. Later, he opened up McLaughlin’s Music Co., in Hollywood, on Melrose Avenue, in the 1950s. There, many musicians and stars came to have their instruments repaired, in addition to selling instruments. He also played in night clubs in downtown L.A., Venice, and the Santa Monica Pier.

He first married Vivia Lane Solelander, and had three children, Hazel, Lois, and Everett; they, too, had a love for music. Everett and Vivia later divorced. He met Theresa Elizabeth Young; they married, and lived in Culver City. They never had any children, but they were very much in love.


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