Elena Greig De Bravo

1908 - 2000

Elena Greig De Bravo was born on February 2, and Waddington Bravo was born on September 18, both in 1908 in Santiago, Chile, and were educated in Santiago. They were were outstanding and valuable members of their community. They came to the United States in 1968; Elena became an American citizen in 1997. Dad was a writer, a musician, and a master with a brilliant mind. Mom was the wonderful living force that nurtured and gave strength to our family. Their deaths have left a void that will never be filled. Time will ease the pain of the memories, but not the sorrow in our hearts.

Waddington Bravo died on February 27, 1971. Elena Greig De Bravo died on September 13, 2000. They are survived by their daughters, Hellen Robertson and Patricia Voakes; two grandchildren, Patricia M. Thompson and Claudio A. Gormaz, and two great-grandchildren, Joshua M. Gormaz and Emma-Marie Gormaz.


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