El Brendel

1891 - 1964

El Brendel was born Elmer Goodfellow Brendle, on March 25, 1891, in Philadelphia, PA, and died on April 9, 1964, in Hollywood, CA.

A former stage actor, Brendel graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, and appeared on the stage with his wife, Flo Sophie Bert for eight years.

Known as “The Synthetic Swede,” Brendel entered films in 1926, and eventually achieved stardom in the sound films of 20th Century Fox. From 1929 through 1931, Brendel could be
seen in nearly every Fox feature film, usually as a comic. From 1936
to 1945, Brendel starred in a number of two-reel comedies for Columbia
Pictures, including the Oscar nominated Blitzkiss in 1941.

After 1945,
Brendel’s career waned, and he began appearing on television in
the 1960s in character roles. Brendel died of a diabetic condition.


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