David Rojas

1994 - 2005


  1. I been waithin too many years

    It’s had been too many years but I still here waiting I be there son love u ❤️ ur dad

    David Rojas 1

  2. Rest In Paradise .

    Well i never knew you in person , but my mom knows your dad & i feel reaaalllyyy bad about yu dieing , & but sometimes irealize it aint bad , cause now your an angel above in the sky . isometimes feel like crying , :/ our hearts are broken


  3. missing you.

    Im missing you so much I hope I will see you some day,I love you mijo I think of you everyday I went to youre school I met alot of youre frends they were sad they make me cry. asta pronto.David ######you are ###1###.


  4. To a son with out mother

    To my beloving son David I know you feel so lonly, no mother who send you no flowers but, I;m here with my heart, and soul trying todo wath I can, just waith for me. I want to be gone but that, is not on my hands I love you son I be there prety soon youre Dad David youre ###1#### I miss you

    Fernando Rojas

  5. my son David Rojas

    David I miss you so much you were my only child, I feel so, lonly with out you I hope I can go with you pretty soon,

    Fernando Rojas

  6. An Angel

    David was my cousin’s son. When David came to Los Angeles from Las Vegas, I played with him. I really miss David now. I have been crying for a long time. Tomorrow I shall be leaving flowers at his grave. Remember, he is now an angel in heaven.

    Stephanie, his 2nd cousin

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