Darryl Glenn Byrd

1969 - 2001

Please also see Biography for Newell, Annie


  1. always in my heart

    Words can’t say what I felt for u. I miss u and all the fun we had together u will always be in my heart..T Byrd..insider


  2. If You Only Knew

    I fell in love with you the first time I saw you. You were such a good little boy and you grew into a wonderful young man, always protective of your mom and sister.I admit,that to me your time on this earth was too short,but God knows best.I love you, if you only knew how much.Iwas and I still am proud of you……….Ann

    your aunt

  3. To Maria

    Maria i dont know if you recieved my last e-mail but if you didn’t i simply said i have not forgot about you and the kids i hope everything is ok and i will talk with you soon


  4. To Maria

    Maria i hope you are ok and the kids are doing fine i have not forgot about what i owe you it has taken me a little longer than i expected to work things out but i will call you soon BuB


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