Danny Lee


  1. Pies

    So are you going to learn how to make those Pies?
    It was a pleasure to meet you, your beautiful (though loud) daughters, and your lovely parents. I pray you’ve found peace and hope the mozart pays off.


  2. Danny & Kelli

    Kelli,I’m so glad we could do this tribute for Danny so that everyone that remember him forever as that great spirit he is. I’m so glad that I got to meet you and your family. Have fun in the snow 🙂

    Linda Foster

  3. Hi

    I was just surfing thru & saw this site, is was very moving to watch, I do belive as you do that they are watching over us, Please be strong for your beautiful children & know that Dan is there with you always & forever.


  4. Danny

    Dan was a drummer first then and roady. He could play with the best of us and always taught us all a riff or two. Me and Dan got together and jamed out twice before he hit the road in sept. Thank you Dan for your friendship.
    Lets jam
    Jeff Lenhart

    Jeff Lenhart

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