Crystal Gonzalez

1988 - 2005


  1. You're not forgotten <3

    I love you! and miss you dearly amiga 😔No one can replace the person you were. I miss your friendship, Your beautiful kind heart and your words 💔 one day I will see you again crystal.

    Kerri werri

  2. Missing You

    I miss you so much. I’m back in school, you always encouraged me to go. Ironically, my first class back is a gerontology class…and all I can think of the entire time in this class is you. I write about you, I think back at all the things I could of said, could of done, and how our lives could be different. We are studying so many things I know you loved. Heck we’re even talking about the Hollywood Forever and then you’re back in my mind. I love you. I love you mucho.

    Erika Hernandez

  3. Crystal I miss you so much....

    I close my eyes and hear your voice telling me not to worry. I close my eyes and I see your smile crystal. I try to dream of you I try so hard but I’ve only seen you in one of my dreams and you smiled and waved as if you were trying to tell me you are ok…. I miss you so much crystal!!!! Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you or the times you used to cheer me up or the times that I would leave school just to be by your side while you were home with a cold or the flue. No matter how long it’s been only you knew what’s up with our friendship. when hard times come I ask you for help. I ask for you to keep me strong please. Until this day I’ve never had a friend like you with such a nice and beautiful heart A friend so carting a loving you used to calm me tour Kerri werri and oh how mush I miss that…. how much I miss you Mujersita <3


  4. you're beautiful

    I heard a lot about you from your sister Heyde. She gave me this web address to find you and your life story. I hope you can read this from heaven.

    D Hocking

  5. viva la Motzart !

    We didn’t share much but I can safely say you are truly beautiful inside and out. For I know our lives are so alike. I will see you soon when I depart…Love & Respects always…Your friend.

    Eddie Martin

  6. Mew Addition

    Hello there sweetie! I justwanted to share the great news with you… I’m 6 monthss pregnant; but I’m sure you al;ready knew. I love yo, Imiss you andI hope my baby is born as smart, amaizing, caring and intelligent like you are…


  7. Tribute Slideshow

    I didn’t know Crystal, I’m just a “passer-by”–but I left with a heavy heart tonight after seeing such a sweet, sweet spirit moving through life. I am so very sorry you’ve lost her. I’ll keep a good thought for her and for all of you in the pictures.

    Paula DiTallo

  8. happy birthday

    hey crystal, i heard from erika that its your birthday today. i never knew your birthday in the past, and i dont think ill be able to visit you today. but ijust wanted to wish you a happy birthday. good bye.


  9. Some1 who cares

  10. Poetry 1

    I have been writing poem after poem inspired by you.. here’s one:
    I Would Love to Tell You
    I would love to tell you
    A story or two
    About my beautiful sister
    And the things she used to do.
    But today the memories
    Bring pain and tears
    For I cry and think of
    The “never be” years.
    Of a future that won’t happen
    Of a past that is gone
    Of all the things I am lacking
    How life just seems wrong.
    I would love to tell you
    But my heart has been broken
    I’ll share it some day
    When my pain can be spoken.

    Your sister Heyde

  11. Needing you...

    Hey there sweetie. Couldn’t sleep again tonight. Just thinking about you. Thinking of all the good times we had together. All of the times I laid in bed with you; talking, bullshitting, just being girls. I miss you more than words can ever explain. You were my heart, my soul, my sister, my best friend& my daughter. You were the one who made me smile, made my heart stop aching. Now youre gone& gone forever and I seem to find myself having the toughest time accepting it. You were supposed to baptize Damian; to teach him how to play the cello.
    You were supposed to stand by my side through all the crap. I need you sweetie& I need you more than ever. I am happy and I do feel safe because I know youre out there watching over us; youre making sure I dont get us into too much trouble… making sure my fuck ups arent irreversible.
    I do admire you. Your courage to just end it. I would join you but Damian needs me. Oh, and dont worry sweetie, he will always remember you. He will hear nothing but positive remarks in your behalf. I will tell him how great and how fucken talented you are. He will love you and admire you. He will never call you the crazy auntie who offed herself. I will never allow anyone to say such a thing. Theyve got to go through me first and you know what a firecracker I can be. I love you Crystal. I miss my baby sister but I know we will soon be together In a Champaign Supernova in the sky&
    Te amo mija. Siempre te eh amado y siempre estaras en mi Corazon y mis pensamientos.
    Your Sis,

    Heyde---- your sis

  12. Miss My Muse...

    Sweetie, I miss you more than I ever possibly oculd imagine. You were my baby sister, my best friend and at times almost even my daughter. We looked out for one another. Whose gonna look after me now? I realize now that you are who kept me together… your departure has left an empty void inside of me and not even Damian can fill it. Sweetie, my dark crystal, I love you and I will be with you when the time is right. I still have Damian to look after. Keep an eye on us.. see you soon… I love you unconditionally.

    Heyde Gonzalez

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