christopher ridgway

1964 - 2003


  1. Chris,Your dear, unfaltering support of me during all the years we worked together at The BC was such a bless-ed gift. One of many…
    You got me (all of us)through some of the hardest nights, on occasion, long stretches of them sometimes, when times were just rough up there, as it can go in the business, with your perfectly timed and well placed wit. Just the thing to either have us all in gut wrenching laughter for several minutes, or at the very least put and keep smiles on our faces throughout the night. Thank you for always telling me how nice I looked, or smelled…and for always being a perfect gentleman. I honor the years of being aquainted with you, and of course, regret not making more time to enjoy a deeper friendship with you. That, I think is the lesson I must commit to learn at this time, and I am so intensly aware of it, through your depature from our lives. Additionally, I will think of all your gifts to those who knew you, and never ever forget to give a complement, share an interesting story or simply support and respect others each and every day of life, as you did.
    Love Karen

    Karen Grace O'Leary

  2. Someone Deeply Touched...

    I have seen many, many tributes on Forever Network, but never have I seen one so beautiful as yours to your beloved Christopher. Usually the tributes you see here are photos with the same song continuously played, but this was the first time I have seen tributes and photos and different songs representing the love you felt with each photo. Thank you for sharing Christophers memory with us online and May God Bless Christophers beautiful wife and family. May Christophers family know they are forever blessed for having this fine young man in their lives, even though for such a short time, and know that his precious angel wings are fluttering high above and watching out for all of you and know that you have a guardian angel watching out for you all. He is such a fine young man to have left such heartfelt memories in the hearts of so many…Again, Thanks for sharing his memory with us all online….

    Southern California

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