Bianca Halstead

1965 - 2001


  1. Miss You Sis

    Had to come back and view this again. It’s been so long since we made this video for her memorial. So glad to see it’s still here. She remains in our hearts forever.

    Victoria Roberts

  2. Never forgotten

    Don’t see many messages here in a long time, but I hope you somehow know that you are far from forgotten. RIP


  3. 10 years ago today

    rest in peace.


  4. new fan

    like your music.


  5. missing u sooooooooooooooo...

    i miss u sooooooo much, Binky. There isnt a day that passes that u r not thought of and loved. The Bianca Center is the perfect tribute 2 U!! U still r my sponsor….never got a new one. i go c u at Hollywood Forever….loving u 4-ever n ever,your sponsee….


  6. Bianca

    Bianca – Thank you for bringing so much light and fun into my life. Your smile is infectious – its says to me “Girls Rock!” with balls!Rest in Peace and much love.


  7. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    New pics? Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Raven Slaughter

  8. THANX!!!!!!!!!!



  9. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Really, appreciate all who leave the new GREAT photos!!..sad..but, great pics!!…thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Raven Slaughter

  10. BIANCA

    WOW!!!!AGAIN new PICS? THANX!!!!!!!!!

    Raven Slaughter

  11. Thank You

    Thank you for adding all the great new pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Raven Slaughter

  12. Thank you?

    Thanx for all thr NEW great pics!!I miss her.

    Raven Slaughter

  13. RIP

    You are sadly missed.I met ya a few times ‘back-in-the day’,
    rock on sweetie! RIP

    Raven Slaughter

  14. ...

    miss you, my beautiful sister.


  15. your smile

    I was searching for something on the Hollywood Forever webpage…Man, your pic just jumped out at me, grabbed my attention. I remember now why I love rock&roll so much…people like you, who had a gift and left it to the world. I am sorry I didn’t know of you before…I heard some of your songs online and sista, you clearly ROCKED!!! May you rest in peace and may those who loved you have peace in their lives too!


  16. Miss ya

    Hey sweetie, just thinking about you and missing you every day. Rock on.

    Raven Slaughter

  17. Your spirit lives on

    You are still missed….we treasure the time you shared with us….

    A fan

  18. Love ya girl

    You were the best thing to happen to rock n roll in a really long time. Miss ya girl. Rock in peace.


  19. Cant stop thinking of you ALWAYS.Still miss you IMMENSELY!
    Love you infinity.




  21. miss you

    just wanted to send my condolence’s to your family,,,,I miss you BiancaMay you rest in peace
    David “Slave” Waldman

    David "slave" Waldman

  22. sweetness,thanksgiving, and thankful for all your gifts while you were here. its crazy to think its almost been a year. Turn back the clock 12 months, and i was sorry that you were having a hard time, people can be so UNHUMAN, and i love you so much, and looking forward to your homecoming, to FINALLY get to spend some time and do something nice for you that you desereved.
    Im sorry Binky. I KNOW that you are happy and at peace.
    I miss you tremendously.
    Now & Always


  23. it hurts

    B~its been almost 10 months and it hurts greater every day. its like there are days that i feel like i cant make it without you. i have never had anyone get in me like you did. a part of my soul died with you and i am so lost without you. can u plz show me that u are with me. Sometimes i feel it and other days i dont. God, B i miss you soooooo much. Rest well, my angel…rest well.i love you,


  24. Thinking of you B.Love and Miss you


  25. I love and miss you Bianca!

    Bianca, It’s so hard without you. I love you, your smile, and you heart. Your still in mine and I love you so much! Without you its so much harder but I listen to you and remember what you brought to me. Bianca baby I love you and your still with us all!

    Bailey Campbell

  26. Bianca Butthole

    I loved you before I even met you, and I love you after you had gone. Your love and your smile are still going on. I miss you Bianca!

    Maici Earl

  27. Bianca

    As you walk through the heavens, know that you are still so loved.


  28. William McAllister

    Does anyone know where Mr. McAllister is being held for life I hope?


  29. Beautiful Bianca

    Every day that has passed you are in are hearts. Now in this month of May, you are still here. Never will you be forgotten.


  30. Happy Birthday BLove & Miss you


  31. Still hurts

    Still thinking about you everyday. Waiting for the pain to dissapate.Not a chance. I love you and miss you tremendously. I have one of your fav neclaces, the large silver broch still smells like you so i wont wear it. Its with your other things on your dresser in my room. I want you near. i want you back. Its selfish of me but it is so not fair. Life never is, I know.I wish it could have been me in your place. I am so grateful to have known you while you were here.
    I find comfort KNOWING that you are in a far better place than we are here on this planet.
    I regret never telling you, exactly how much you mean to me and how much I LOVE YOU….
    Always & Forever


  32. Bianca

    I just heard about the tragic loss of Bianca, I have seen the band a few times and had the pleasure of meeting her, she was a truely beautiful person. The world has lost a strong, talented will be missed. R.I.P


  33. Brian Mcassister

    t? You can’t love someone you never even knew, you lust puppy…now…still? after the death, your a morbid freak. how could this happen? “YOU” I’ve only 3 things to say to you. 1.Stop following roadbands. 2. suspend your own right to drive…. forever. 3. old henchmen turned angel in the bitter wind that blows west along grand, past central just beyond the 25th. fall to your knees before the clubhouse, seek the youngest jones boy of the enforcers, looking like a carbon copy of me. pay for your protection. mention to him in his old west among the sycamore trees, you’ve angered some angel. He will know what you mean. Tell him the whole true story from point a to point b. in the coming gathering i’ll judge by this. be quick to find your “ray of light” before your contract i release.

    Jim Morrison

  34. binks

    i miss you,the dogs, the dog piss,jerry springer in bed,and all comfort,love,understanding and laughter.i love you. edna


  35. Rock and Roll

    rest your beautiful soul bianca


  36. Bianca..missing u

    B….its been over a month since u left us and it SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! I miss and love u so, so much. I feel so lost without you. I love the chapel tribute to u my sister and i watched it together and cried forever…..Love u, mean it….
    Magic ‘n’ Moonlight,
    forever, Cyndi


  37. bianca

    Bianca thank you for all your expert help finding brent some rad stage clothes!!!god bless you and your family we will miss you

    brent and marci fitz

  38. peace to u and family


  39. No! No! NO!!!!I love you! I can’t believe this has happened!! NOOOOOO!!!!


  40. Bianca I love you!!!!!!!


  41. bianca will forever be an inspiration to me. a rock n roll mentor. rest in peace. miss you xoxoxo


  42. called u last nite

    B, had to hear u say “i miss n luv u” was going to surprise u and go to the show at the Dragonfly and spend New Years with you….anyway…u r always singing in my ear, 24/7. Love the new CDYou ROCK GIRL!!!!!! I miss cuddling and watching “Jerry Springer” and you saying come on Hooker….i miss everything about you B…u are the best sponsor in the universe and no one will ever replace you. I am sooooooo angry right now at the world cuz you werent supposed to leave yet….u had to much life to live. This is so unfair!!!!!!
    I MISS U SOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!Can u hear me?!I love u, BIANCA…
    Magic ‘n’ Moonlight,
    i feel so lost….
    until we meet again.


  43. i love and miss u my friend

    B, i’m still in shock….my whole world has been shattered. i have an altar in my room just for you…picture of me and you hugging you on the phone.. and you and Joey at the club.
    Surrounding you are crystals, angels everywhere candles and all that you love. Got your CD and you ROCK!!!!! i’m
    sooooooooooooooo proud of you, my angel.
    Bianca, you will always be with me. How can i make the grieving easier. i’m having such a hard time cuz I cant believe this has happened. To your mom dad and family my prayers and thoughts are with you…I had the wonderful oppornunity to live with Bianca for a while and also spend some time with you guys about 3 yrs ago and i want to Thank you for creating such an incredible human being. Please e-mail me if there is anything i can do… I live in Burbank. I love u guys….
    Magic ‘n’ Moonlight

    cyndi, your sponsee and soulmate

  44. My sweetie Bee

    I’m trying to dry my tears of the last two hours….it isn’t working….I loved you, Bee, and I would’ve take you out in a second…don’t know what we’ll do New Year’s Eve, but we’ll be thinking of ya….Tonz a’ love…


  45. I will miss you

    I didn’t want to belive it when I heard you were gone but then the thought hit me…You are not gone, You are in the hearts and minds of all your friends and rockandroll fans everywhere! I will miss seing you when you come to cleveland and when I am in LA.
    love always


  46. miss you binki

    My sympathies to the family and everyone who was touched by this good soul. Im still in shock. I was wondering what was going to happen to Sparky and would like to adopt him if he isnt already being taken care of.I’ll miss ya sweetie.

    Nate "lil axl" hill

  47. Bianca

    What can I say? I’m still in shock and want you back! Wherever you are, you will always be loved. Such a beautiful and giving soul, you are probably flying high in the clouds….Our friendship meant everything and now I feel so empty. My prayers are with your family. Bye peanut.

    Christine W.

  48. I miss you

    I was Lucky enough to roadee for Bianca in the days of Butt Trumpet, Bianca you were An Awsome lady!! I just got into Betty Blowtorch when this happened, And It Saddens me Deeply!! My Prayers and thoughts are with your family and Band Mates and fans through this time. I will always miss youyour freind forever,
    David “Slave” Waldman ( intern)

    David "Slave" Waldman

  49. we walk in the steps of someone who was great


  50. You

    I was awed by your performance in Cleveland 11/30/01.You made me feel young again with your enthusiasm.My friend knows you and only had good to say,I am greatful to have seen you at what you do best,maybe we will meet in another place.Peace.


  51. Bianca,,,

    Bianca, i barely got into your music, and am very sorry you left us soooo soon, i could not believe it,,,i made a candle of you the next day i found out about it, and have your picture on it, your music is cool, and i am glad i got to hear it! god bless baby….


  52. Tribute

    A beautiful tribute for a beautiful soul. She will never be forgotten.I know when I move on to the next playing field, it sure is gonna be fun seeing all the “great entertainers” again!
    Rest well Bianca.


  53. BIANCA



  54. Bianca

    Rock will never die, True rockers live forever.


  55. my friend

    my heart is broken…i can’t believe this happened. you taught me so much about life, love, boundaries, truth, pain, sharing, generosity, feelings and hope. you will always be in my heart. we went through so much and i will honor you always my sweet sister. thanks for loving me. rest in peace, babydoll.


  56. Bianca STILL Rocks My World!

    Although there was only one BB show here in Nashville – Bianca left quite an impression on the music city! I feel so fortunate I discovered her music and wa able to enjoy that brief moment of electricity with her..God Bless!!!!!!!!!!

    Ashley Stanfield

  57. Bianca

    My heart goes out to the family of Bianca. I was to see her and the band the next night in Houston for the first time. You should be extremly proud of what she done and accomplished. Though I neve knew her, never laid eyes on her in person, My life was affected by her in a positive way. Rest in peace my music queen. We’ll miss you…


  58. Forever is a long time

    Bianca,Your are very loved now and forever.

    Valerie Smellery

  59. Rest In Peace

    Nothing is more tragic than when an artist dies,but at least she left a little piece of herself for everyone to remember.For those that knew her and those that loved her I am truly sorry.Remember this “If there’s a rock in roll heaven,you know they have one hell of a band”….rest in peace Bianca—–{@

    Mike V

  60. Bianca

    I just discovered your music. I was looking foward to seeing you play. Maybe in another life. You will be missed.

    Jerry Layne

  61. peace.

    I can’t claim to be a lifelong Betty Blowtorch fan, never saw them live and sadly I’ve only just gotten my hands on their CD…but I will say this – true kick ass rock and roll in every sense. Wherever you are Bianca, long may you keep kicking that ass. Pauly sends peace.


  62. Missing You

    Have been thinkin alot about you and life and how unfair it seems sometimes that we claw and scratch our way everyday for the things we want and when you finaaly see your dreams coming closer to being a reality something comes along and takes them away. i hope that i see you again someday somewhere,and we can share another laugh or two… until then you are greatly loved and missed.


  63. Bianca mon amor

    I’ll forever carry the memory of your smile, your laugh, your warmth, your generosity, your twisted sense of humor, your vulnerable loving spirit wrapped in a tough leather and ink package, and most of all, the precious memories of our time together on earth. Eu te amo!

    Erika Wear

  64. Bianca

    I saw BB this past year in September. There was something about this band that was so cool.I saddened by her loss. But i know heaven has an angel her name is Bianca. Heaven now knows what Heavy Metal music is. To Halstead family, God bless you and thank you for giving us Bianca. We will miss her but we will never ever forget her and that beautiful smile.

    Garry Costa

  65. thank you for being such a kind, sweet, and down to earth person .. you inspired me so much, and ill never forget you ..


  66. Bianca

    I wasn’t a Betty Blowtorch fan, but I am a fan of music and I did enjoy some of their songs. She seemed like a wonderful person that will be sorely missed by everyone who knew her and loved her.


  67. R.I.P.

    Just wanted to say you will be misses. You were beautiful inside and out.


  68. Bianca Halstead

    A wonderful talented artist woh will never be forgotten. GOD BLESS YOU BIANCA


  69. Bianca

    Bianca music said so much to me. I will truly miss her. Can’t wait to meet you up in Heaven. Rock on Love.


  70. Goodbye Bianca

    I love Betty Blowtorch ‘s music. I hoped them to come to Japan and show their great live performance. But Bianca was killed in a car crash.
    The world has lost a great woman. I just can’t believe it. It’s a terrible shock.
    My condolences go to his family, his friends, and his fellow musicians. Her fantastic music will aways be with us.
    God Bless Bianca. With tears and a sad heart, I ask God to take good care of you. I will miss you Bianca. I won’t forget you. Goodbye Bianca.
    Yukio Ohba (A.K.A. King Dietman)

    King Dietman

  71. I miss you

    I miss you Bianca, we just talked on Wed. 12/19/01,you told me about all the problems the band was having,I told you about all the shit going on in my life. You said we would hang out as soon as you got back from tour. I was invited to the funeral, (thanx Tony) , I took a nap at 2:00 pm, didn’t hear my alarm until 6:50 and now I’ve missed that. I wrote Andrew in prison, I miss you, I miss coming back to your place and having Brutus and Sparky pissing all over the floor. I miss our long talks, I miss you comforting me, I just miss you so much.

    andrew brown

  72. Bianca

    Bianca was truly an inspiration…and although her time here was too short, it’s comforting to know that she lived it to the fullest. I’ll never forget my interactions with her, her stunning stage presence, her hilarious antics and of course her kindness. Bianca was one of a kind.


  73. Bianca

    I met you only twice but was touched by your kindness. You were a beautiful girl and a true rock’n’roller. You will be missed here on earth but heaven now has another angel……Billy


  74. Bianca

    I was blessed to see you play here in town this past year here in minneapolis and was so impressed by how much fun you gals were having,that i went and picked up the c.d. the next day.Even though i never met you personally,i still have to admire you for you’re sheer determination to stick with you’re rock & roll dream’s and to continue to keep on plugging away.You will never be forgotten on this earth,and until we meet and rock in person again,I will truly miss that great smile and infectious attitude.
    Rok on Bianca


  75. Bianca

    My heart and prayers go out to the family,friends,& fans of Bianca Halstead.The rock-n-roll community has lost someone tried & true.Bianca was in my opinion one of the “Last Mohicans of Rock-N-Roll”!!!!Her eyes and smile tell the story. R.I.P.,Bianca

    Mike Neuroth

  76. Bianca, I will miss your great hugs, and your sweet smile, warm demeaner, and all the love, all of us here and everywhere will miss you, much love, Danna Taylor, Mara Fox, Rob Dowell, Members of Sixth Floor, and N2O, Sandy West and Cherie Currie, RIP baby

    Danna Taylor

  77. Bianca

    Bianca, I will miss your warmth and kindness. Your sweet, soulful eyes and your brilliant smile. You touched my life forever. I love you so much. -LBB

    Laura Bethita

  78. May you rest in peace

    My heart and my prayers are with the friends and family of Bianca. If I could only find the words to express how much you gave us in so little time. You will be missed very much here on earth Bianca, but heaven’s music just became sweeter with you there. Love Forever your fan, Rand


  79. Bianca

    The thing I will miss most about Bianca is her smile. I will forever be warmed by it when I think of her.
    Thank you for your love, Bianca.
    Rest in peace Princess.
    We will see each other again someday.

    Rikki Rockett

  80. Rock and Roll won’t let you die, and neither will your friends.Rock on Bianca


  81. Condolences

    I just wanted to send my condolences to the family of Bianca. Although I was never a true Betty Blowtorch fan, I am a fan of Rock-n-Roll. From what I know, she looked like she got the same satisfaction from this great music that I get everyday. This is something I shared with her in life, even though I didn’t know her personally. Her life is a truly great loss for all those who loved her. My prayers go out to all family and friends. Someday, I will meet her, until then…..peace eternity.


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