Annette M. Lloyd


As the Production Coordinator of Forever Studios Hollywood, headquartered at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, I know how beneficial, healing, and joyous the Forever Biographies are. Each and every family that has experienced the process knows this. In doing my personal story, which began on Staten Island, New York, which is now happening in Los Angeles, California, and which will evolve into years and locations to come, I have seen, first hand, how beautiful a process the biography building is. This is, truly, something everyone should do — we all owe it to our as-of-yet-unborn ancestors. I thrill at knowing that, a century from now, my great-great-grandchildren, who will probably never meet me, will hear me, and hopefully get to know me. With love to my parents, Michael and Annette D’Agostino, and to my husband, Scott Gregory Lloyd, I dedicate my life. Here is it, for you.


  1. Hello Miss Lloyd, I miss your laughter


  2. Love you always

    Annemarie, I love you always in all ways. And I always will.


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