Ann-Marie Pope

1921 - 2003


  1. Open Arms

    Open your arm mommy,because your children coming home to be with you. Michael should be standing there beside you and Jhai’Quonne. Yes mommy your great,great ,great ,great, great-grandson has also join you. Take care of the love ones left behind. The ones that have to wonder why this has happen to them. Keona, mommy. I pray for her everyday, but there no words that any of us can say that going to make her feel any better. Now or ever. I don’t know what to say or If I should even call.It seem that there something wrong with me, maybe it’s best that I stay out of the picture.
    I wish you were here.
    Please give my heart a rest. Lets not take anymore souls. For Now Love you Mommy! Always.


  2. Thinking of you

    Hi grandma it late or should I say early in the morning. U came to mind I was wondering if u were thinking about me also. This family needs to come together and be a family like it was when I was a little girl. I wonder times if u really see how your children really act now that ur gone. Even tho ur passing didn’t make a difference to them. Hopefully some day we all can come together. I love and miss u very very much. Say Hello to Denise for me.Christine


  3. Always with me

    I think of u everyday. There isn’t a day that goes by I don’t think about u. There are so many things I wish I would have don’t different before u passed on. U know grandma I still haven’t done them yet. humm I guess I’ll get to do them someday. I really miss those late night games we used to play. I was thinking of u and decided to write. Love ya Chris


  4. miss you

    I’m sorry i didnt get to spend alot of time with you in your last years, but i will always have your memories like the time i broke your coo coo clock :)love you


  5. Missing

    You will be missied, I will pass the crochet you taught me on..thank you, Love Lisa


  6. I'll never forget you

    It should be easy for me to leave a message for she have left me with so many memories. So I won’t that way I’ll never forget. Your Granddaughter Chris

    Chris Leggroan

  7. Still with me

    you were a fantastic second mom
    and I miss you…..
    I will always have my memories of the great times we spent in New York…….
    Car full of kids, Ann Marie and Eleanor
    in the front…
    They gave us great times
    and I will never forget them
    Forever in my heart


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