Alison Ritz Wolff

1955 - 1999


  1. In the sixties, Alison befriended my sister at a hotel in the Catskills, gave her her home address and phone number in Palm Springs, and insisted that she come out and visit. I was born in 1951, and I remember Alison as the kindest, most unassuming girl that you could be considering her upbringing. Being a Ritz Brothers fan from my Dad, I still cherish the picture of him standing between jimmy and Harry at the hotel, and spent the rest of our vacation looking for them to get an autograph from each of them. Unfortunately, I think they had gone back to California, my sister never visited Alison, and to this day I am still upset that I never got their autographs, and to tell them how much they made me smile. Just remember Alison’s kindness and hospitality to my sister, and to let you know that you were one lucky man to have met her.

    Barry Winston

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