Adria Copeland

1971 - 2003


  1. Adria's legacy

    Adria’s spirit lives in Barb, Fred and Colleen, they learned through her to speak and care for others in need, now those they help have a voice to pass it on.

    Aunt Evie

  2. memories

    ‘wax on, wax off’…i’ll always remember that lopsided grin and those twinkling eyes!

    sally martin

  3. 3 years

    “They are not gone who live in the hearts they left behind.”3 years gone but always with us.


  4. miss you

    When I see you nowYou are in perpetual motion
    Dancing, playing, climbing
    Always laughing and singing
    And loud!-every word clear and pure
    You are precious, happy and free
    I love you and miss you


  5. Thinking of you

    Dearest Adria,I went to school with you at Graham Elementary School for the 4th, 5th and 6th grades. Friday I saw your picture in the Austin paper and realized you had died. I just want you to know I burst into tears knowing of your passing. I thought you were a very sweet girl and I know you are in heaven.
    Your friend,

    Matt Hausladen

  6. Adria Copeland

    Adria touched my heart and my life and she will remain a part of me until I die. She is one of the most extraordinary people I have ever known. Her body caused her a great deal of pain and difficulty with all the things most of take for granted. She lived her life with a zeal and uncondional love for thiose that were important to her. I miss her terribly. She was such a joy. To Barbara: you were the best mother anyone could be. Your love for your daughter was one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed. your kindness and acceptance made her life more wonderful.I will always love Adria.

    Therese Palombi

  7. Someone who cares...

    May precious Adria’s angel wings flutter high above and watch out for all her family….Such a brave girl…Such a loving family…Thank you for sharing her precious memory with all of us online.May God Forever Bless you all…

    Southern California

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