Adolphe Von Klemen


  1. Dr.

    Das 58.Foto kenne ich gut. Es zeigt meinen Onkel Adolf,den Bruder meiner Mutter ,mit seiner Frau und seiner Tochter. Ich glaube sie wohnten dann in Frankreich in Metz.


  2. Ms

    Comment for family history of Adolphe von Klemen:
    I am from Germany and I live in a little village called Dörrebach near Frankfurt am Main. My father (born in 1933) had an uncle Heinrich Feil (brother of his father, born in October 1893 in Dörrebach) who spent several years in (Istanbul) Turkey. This was roughly between 1924 and 1941.
    There are several documents of Heinrich where ‘Adolf Edler von Klemen’ is mentioned. They met in Istanbul.
    Maybe this is your ancestor? Please contact me if you are interested.
    Best regards from Germany!

    Ellen Feil

  3. About your french half-sister

    On the 58th picture, I can see my great-grand-father (Adolf von Klemen), my great-grand-mother (his russian wife) and my grand-mother (their baby born in istanbul in 1940). They came to France in 1942. My father and I would be very pleased to exchange with you about our family story. We’ve also got some letters and documents that could interest you.


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