Aaron Walsh

2003 - 2003


  1. Oh So Precious. Absolutely beautiful. I know the pain of losing a child. As my first angels did not make it. But I know now that they are rocking in GODs arms and playing in heaven with your precious little Angel. You are in my hearts and prayers always. Take care.


  2. He will live with you always

    Your Precious Aaron will live within you forever. Take one day at a time. I feel your pain and share in your loss as we are all members of a club no one wants to join. I lost my oldest child at 21 months to viral stomach flu. It has been almost 2 years but there are definately some hard days. Stay close to your family and never forget. I too am due in Feb the month of my dd bday also, she would be 4. You are in my thoughts and prayers. If ever you need to talk to me feel free to email me.
    Jennifer McDaniel
    P.S. He was a beautiful child.

    Jennifer McDaniel

  3. tribute

    i am int he sids-survivors group you are in and i just watch your little angels tribute. it was beautiful. i know you’ve heard it a thousand times befor, but i am so sryy for your loss. i’m sure my rmington and your aaron are up there playing together now. i would love to know what the name/artist of the song you had playing was if you don’t mind. thank you and god bless,


  4. Your precious angel

    Dearest Tamera & Stuart..Thank you so very much for putting this incredibly moving pictorial together of your sweet baby. We’re only viewing this now (8/8) as we’ve been away & our computer at home crashed. He was absolutely beautiful and how lucky for him to be part of such a loving family, though we all know for too short of a time. : (
    Would love to chat with both of you soon. We hope each day brings a little more peace to your hearts & minds. Know that we love you very much.
    P & C

    Camille & Paul

  5. Someone deeply touched...

    May God forever bless you and your family. Thank you for for sharing baby Aarons tribute online with all of us. Such a precious boy. May his little angel wings flutter high above and watch out for you and your family…especially his big brother…Thanks again for sharing his memory with us.

    Southern California

  6. Your son

    I am so, so sorry for the loss of your darling little boy. I can’t imagine what happened, but I hope that God has granted you some strength to get through this.Bless your hearts and Aaron too.


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