Cremation Options

Cremation is a personal decision, one that reflects your private views and beliefs. Today, many individuals and families are selecting cremation, creating a new tradition for others to follow. Since 1928, Hollywood Forever has provided cremation services to many of Hollywood’s founders and stars, along with neighborhood residents. We offer either a simple, direct cremation or witnessed cremation, depending on your wishes.

Many of the families we serve appreciate that we can take care of every detail of their loved one’s cremation,as well as offer assistance with a lovely memorial service. Our cemetery provides a range cremation niches, so that family members can visit their loved one for generations to come. Or, if desired, we have a lovely scattering garden.

On Site Crematory

At Hollywood Forever, every option and decision is available for in one place. We have had an onsite crematory since 1928. Our current facility is a state of the art chamber fueled by natural gas. The crematory is adjacent to the main chapel so that ceremonies and memorials may incorporate a leave taking at the crematory.

Our Main Chapel and adjacent crematory are especially suitable for Buddhist and Hindu cremation ceremonies.


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